Written by Robert L. Dryden

When you seerepparttar term "MLM" or "network marketing," several companies or old-hat opportunities may come to mind. While some of these organizations are notorious for not deliveringrepparttar 122609 results they promise, there are a great number of them that are doing quite well, and helping their participants dorepparttar 122610 same.

What'srepparttar 122611 key? Demand! Just joining an MLM isn't guaranteed to make you any money. If you really want online success, any network you join must have products or services that people want. Fortunately for me, that's exactly what I've found.

Research shows that over 70 million Americans consistently userepparttar 122612 Internet to research health information and products. Of these, a whopping 85% say they are concerned aboutrepparttar 122613 accuracy and credibility ofrepparttar 122614 information they find.

This overwhelming demand for reliable health products and information creates an unprecedented opportunity, for those who are smart enough to take advantage of it. As a result, I myself was able to get in on a groundbreaking, rock-solid opportunity with a stable, debt-free company. I've made more money than I ever expected, and I'm sure I'll be able to meet or exceed all my financial goals because of it.

Follow The Leader

Written by Tracy Austin

Teach Educate Train Mentor Lead

Which word is more powerful? Which one would people who are looking for a business opportunity respond torepparttar most?

Do we want to be taught, or be educated? (sounds too much like going back to school) Would we like to be trained? (like a new puppy orrepparttar 122608 new guy at work)?

Would we like to find a mentor, who knows more about what we want to do, and who will willingly share that information? Sounds better.

Or is a mentor, withrepparttar 122609 ability to lead us towards success what we really need?

Strong leadership.

It's so rare that most people think it's forrepparttar 122610 "rest" ofrepparttar 122611 world. How do we convince "regular" people, that leadership skills are not out of their reach?

A good place to start is with who you allow to lead YOU.

Who are you following? Who are you learning leadership skills from? And is s/he really worth following?

To be a good leader, you must become a good follower first. But take care who you follow because if they're a poor leader, or a non-leader, you are in an uphill battle, on a slippery slope.

How do you know when you've found someone worth following?

Many people join a company forrepparttar 122612 awesome product line, or one-of-a-kind service that makes evenrepparttar 122613 worst leaders/sponsors seem great.

If you are in a business just because you loverepparttar 122614 products, you may or may not make it. (and if you do make it,repparttar 122615 company may or may not...more on this below.)

This is one ofrepparttar 122616 drawbacks of mlm. People fall in love with a product, orrepparttar 122617 idea of a product, rather than make a rational decision to go into business withrepparttar 122618 company, and withrepparttar 122619 person representingrepparttar 122620 company.

I speak only from experience:-)

The easiest thing to do, when things get tight - usually around Christmas for me:-) is to put your business "on hold." It's easy because you begin to realize you don't need or really want any ofrepparttar 122621 products you've been buying, anyway.

It was all forrepparttar 122622 potential to make money, and that can become demoralizing in a very short time - and easy to set aside, when you need that money for something else.

This is one ofrepparttar 122623 best reasons to look for a company that offers "everyday" consumable products that don't look like luxury items when/if money gets tight.

This is why you hear many successful mlm leaders telling yourepparttar 122624 product really doesn't matter. Which sounds like a paradox, because without a product, you have no business!

So you must choose a company (your supplier) that is on solid financial ground, but here isrepparttar 122625 part that you need to pay close attention to:

Look for a sponsor, AND a solid company - NOT just a product to sell (or get emotional about:-).

Most mlm'rs get sucked into a company by a fast-talking sponsor who paints a rosy picture ofrepparttar 122626 financial freedom he or she has or will have in 6 months. How their product isrepparttar 122627 only one of it's kind, and how everybody needs it!

Yeah, right:-)

That's lovely - but unrealistic.

The hardest part of mlm is to put our feelings onrepparttar 122628 back burner, while we look objectively at an opportunity. This is hard because SO many people are out their "sellingrepparttar 122629 dream" like so much snake oil - hoping that they will sign-up a real "go-getter" on whose coattails they can rise torepparttar 122630 top.

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