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More and more business professionals are deciding to offer an ezine as a way of building online credibility. Those same people have interesting networking opportunities withrepparttar subscribers of their ezines especially if they understand that their Subscribers are professionals who all have similar interests.

Now, there are not many avenues open for subscribers to network with ezines.

This holiday season would be a great time to set up a network between subscribers and ezines that could berepparttar 122600 start of a whole new online marketing strategy for 2002.

Here's a system that can double your subscriber base and help your subscribers in return: NETWORKING with EZINES 2002

A way to consistently reward your network is to turn your networking efforts into networking systems (in other words, developing strategic marketing alliances). If you and your alliance share a similar target market, you can effectively cross-promote or share markets with each other. And while there are as many different forms of systematized networking out there as there are businesses, nothing is quite as effective as "Network Marketing" in it's purest form.

Relationships, The Foundation Of Your Network Marketing Business

Written by Jenean Matthews

Relationships, The Foundation of Your Network Marketing Business By Jenean Matthews

Most of us know if a building is not set on a firm foundation it will fall. The same can be said of your network marketing business. The relationship you establish with your downline isrepparttar foundation of your business. You can haverepparttar 122599 financing, a web site with allrepparttar 122600 bells and whistles, and even great products or services to offer but if you fail to establish a relationship with your downline, your business will soon fall.

How do you establish a relationship? Keep in touch, or as we wrote when we signed yearbooks in school, K.I.T.

When a prospect visits your site forrepparttar 122601 first time they are somewhat cautious, as they should be. Joining a network marketing opportunity is a big decision. So is repparttar 122602 experience of purchasingrepparttar 122603 product or servicerepparttar 122604 company is offering. Are they going to get burned? Willrepparttar 122605 product arrive on time, or will it arrive at all? What are you going to do with their personal information? How long willrepparttar 122606 company be in business? These are all serious, legitimate questions. How can you make them feel at ease? K.I.T.

Despite allrepparttar 122607 hesitation that goes into placingrepparttar 122608 order and joining a network marketing opportunity, some people are willing to give your business a chance. Oncerepparttar 122609 order is placed andrepparttar 122610 membership is established, always say thank you. Send an email thankingrepparttar 122611 person forrepparttar 122612 purchase and give a confirmation ofrepparttar 122613 order. Immediately contact repparttar 122614 new recruit and welcome them. Let them know you will be there to assist them and you appreciate their business.

Your network marketing business is just that, a business. Inrepparttar 122615 business world there are a variety of ways you can set up your business. You can be a sole proprietor. You work alone. You arerepparttar 122616 sole decision maker forrepparttar 122617 business. If this isrepparttar 122618 type of business you're interested in, network marketing in not for you. Instead, network marketing is more like a partnership. You should haverepparttar 122619 frame of mind that you are willing to work with others, take time for others and share ideas. No one should feel that they are in this alone. Your financial success is linked torepparttar 122620 success of your downline. The more prosperous they are,repparttar 122621 more prosperous you will be.

I'm not sure why this concept is so hard to get across in this industry. I have heard uplines refer to some of their downlines as deadbeats. They aren't producing so they get left behind. Soon they lose interest and start looking for "another" opportunity. Yes, there may be some that may not have a strong commitment to makingrepparttar 122622 business work but overall I believe there's a communication breakdown. If I tell you to meet me a Walmart and I fail to tell you which one, chances are we will not be going inrepparttar 122623 same direction. If I tell you to meet me at my house and I assume you know repparttar 122624 directions, chances are it will take us a longer period of time to reach our goal. When there's proper communication everyone will have a set of instructions that will take them where they need to go. We have to make sure we are all on repparttar 122625 same level.

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