NDE - Throught the Tunnel

Written by Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

Through The Tunnel by Martin Brofman, Ph.D. A Personal Account of NDE by a Walk-In I was atrepparttar Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. I had just been told that I had a "blockage" in my spinal cord, fromrepparttar 127042 fourth torepparttar 127043 seventh cervical vertebrae atrepparttar 127044 level ofrepparttar 127045 neck, that had been responsible forrepparttar 127046 symptoms I had been experiencing. My right arm was paralyzed, my legs were spastic, and there were sensations like electric shocks running through my body when I moved my head.

I was told that I had to have an operation immediately, and that if I lived throughrepparttar 127047 operation, I might come out of it a quadriplegic. When I asked if I had time for a second opinion, I was told that if I coughed or sneezed at that time, I might die. Naturally, I agreed to haverepparttar 127048 operation in a few hours.

I realized that according to whatrepparttar 127049 doctors had said, I might be dead in a few hours. I went throughrepparttar 127050 stages that many people go through when they know they are about to die. First, there wasrepparttar 127051 sense that this was a movie set, and that these things were not really happening to me. I found myself negotiating with what was happening, bargaining if I could, for something different to happen. Slowly,repparttar 127052 realization that it was real, and happening to me, came closer and closer, until I had to emotionally accept that I might very soon be dead.

When I acceptedrepparttar 127053 unacceptable, my body shook violently as an intensity of energy moved through me. I opened more and more to it, and after one or two very long minutes it was complete. I felt a calm inside that I had not known before. All my senses were sharper. My vision was clearer. Colors were brighter. Hearing was clearer. Sensations were more alive.

I realized that I had released a perceptual filter that had been standing between me andrepparttar 127054 experience of life, and ironically, it had beenrepparttar 127055 fear of death. Now that I had released that fear, I was experiencing more of life, more of being alive, even if just for a short while longer.

I thought ofrepparttar 127056 life I had lived, andrepparttar 127057 things I could have done but didn't, and I found myself saying to myself, "I wish I had." There were a lot of "I wish I hads." I thought to myself that it was, in fact, a sad way to end a life, and that if I had to do it again, there would be a lot of "I'm glad I dids." I had to decide what I wanted to do withrepparttar 127058 short time I had left. If I spent my remaining time worrying or feeling bad about what was, in fact, inevitable, I would have just wastedrepparttar 127059 rest of my life, thrown it away, and it was too valuable for that.

I decided to spend my remaining time feeling good, and just thinking of things that helped me to feel good -repparttar 127060 color ofrepparttar 127061 paint onrepparttar 127062 walls,repparttar 127063 smell of flowers inrepparttar 127064 room, anything positive. I knew I could always find something.

Finally,repparttar 127065 time came. I was taken torepparttar 127066 operating room, and as I was being givenrepparttar 127067 anesthetic, I thought that this might berepparttar 127068 last experience I would ever have. I had no idea what might come afterwards. I had been agnostic, with no beliefs, believing in nothing that I had not experienced. Perhapsrepparttar 127069 next step after death was just oblivion. I let go.

I began to experience a vertigo, a sense of spinning, and it didn't feel good, so I stabilized myself inrepparttar 127070 center of it until I was still, and everything else was spinning around me. I was moving throughrepparttar 127071 spinning scenes, which were memories fromrepparttar 127072 life I had lived, memories which were calling for my attention. If I put my attention on them, though, I felt myself "pulled," because I was moving through these spinning memories, like being pulled through a tunnel, or falling down a well, but discovering that half-way downrepparttar 127073 well. Reaching forrepparttar 127074 walls would not work. My only hope would be to aim forrepparttar 127075 water atrepparttar 127076 bottom.

I had to withdraw my attention from these scenes, then, these memories, and put my attention onrepparttar 127077 place to which I was being drawn, aiming for it. I was headed there anyway, but aiming for it gave me more of a sense of being inrepparttar 127078 driver's seat, and that was a lot more comfortable for me. It was a bit like riding a roller coaster inrepparttar 127079 front car, and pretending that you're drivingrepparttar 127080 thing alongrepparttar 127081 tracks. It gives a totally different ride, I can assure you, than being swept out of control.

Ho'omana - Hawaiian Gods

Written by Gayle Olson

Many examples ofrepparttar land and its creatures represented gods, or akua torepparttar 127041 Hawaiian. The tree, plants, stones, animals, and human beings were just a few examples, each akua had a special name with certain attributes.

The four great gods ofrepparttar 127042 Polynesian system were Ku, Kane, Kanaloa, and Lono; each possessing particular powers and duties.

Ku - architect and builder

Ku wasrepparttar 127043 great god presiding over war. Human sacrifices were made to him in temples built to honor Ku. His worship days, four in succession, occurred atrepparttar 127044 start ofrepparttar 127045 moon month. The temples of Ku were built to certain specifications and presided over by a distinct cult of priests.

Kane - creator and giver of life

Withrepparttar 127046 aid of Lono, Kane created man. Kane createdrepparttar 127047 forests and brought certain rains and life torepparttar 127048 land. Kane wasrepparttar 127049 healer who resided in many ofrepparttar 127050 healing plants. He had his own temples and priests. Depending onrepparttar 127051 attributes or purposes, Kane was known by many names.

Lono - god of agriculture and peace

Lono may have beenrepparttar 127052 most beloved ofrepparttar 127053 great gods. His presence was seen inrepparttar 127054 rain clouds and in growing things. The householder dedicated his family worship, making daily offerings to Lono. The farmer would dedicate his first fruits to Lono.

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