Written by Ron Kimball

Recently, I attended a seminar that featured Naomi Judd, half ofrepparttar legendary country music duo, The Judds. Naomi, with her talented daughter, Wynonna, setrepparttar 124067 standard for country music by selling millions of albums, performing to 'sold out' audiences, and winning numerous awards.

The Judds had just finished a whirlwind reunion tour after a decade of not appearing on stage together. During that time Wynonna pursued a successful career as a solo artist while Naomi recovered from illness. Incidentally, Naomi's youngest daughter, Ashley, is a talented actress. Naomi talked aboutrepparttar 124068 early days of being a single Mom and raising her 2 daughters and having a dream to "make it" inrepparttar 124069 music business.

She worked as a nurse and actually secured a record deal with a record company executive while a member of his family was a patient.

She said that her daughters didn't always appreciate her disciplinarian ways. In fact,repparttar 124070 girls' favorite saying was, "If it ain't one thing, it's your mother!" But she was disciplining them for what would lie ahead for their futures. Naomi taught her girls 5 important life lessons:

(1) Change isrepparttar 124071 true nature ofrepparttar 124072 world. -She insisted that security is superstition. The only true security comes from within.

(2) Choices are sacred.

The Power Within Is Yours!

Written by Roy Cook

How many times have you said "If Only I could Do That"

I used to say that to myself very often, till I realized that I can do Anything I want, if I want it enough!

Lately, I don't really set goals, I just think them, and work toward accomplishing them, a day at a time. I see myself having already accomplishedrepparttar task I set in my mind, and within a few weeks of concentrated thought, or less, I have achieved that goal.

I'm not talking about small tasks, justrepparttar 124066 Big Ones that I would have thought would take me Many months, or even years to accomplish.

I often break uprepparttar 124067 Big jobs into smaller steps, and setrepparttar 124068 priority of each step in order of their importance toward accomplishingrepparttar 124069 Big Job, and complete each task in order of importance.

Lately, my big task is one of changing my whole life from working for other people to being completely Self- Employed. Yes, I do have my own business onrepparttar 124070 internet selling books and information products, but I still have My Day Job!

I have worked for Other People forrepparttar 124071 past 40 out of my 49 years in one capacity, or another. Most of that time I have worked as a CNC Machinist machining metal parts for many different things, andrepparttar 124072 work has been interesting, but I am growing weary ofrepparttar 124073 J.O.B. andrepparttar 124074 Time Clock! I need more money, and time to enjoy it. It's time for a Big Change!

I recently made a change in my attitude, and my Agenda. I vowed to be completely Self-Employed byrepparttar 124075 age of 50. Will I make it? My answer is YES!

I am determined to make it, but I can't do it alone. I am in business to make money, and to help other people change their lives, like I am doing to my life.

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