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Where Would You Be Without Marketing?

Written by Andrea Lea Churchill

Marketing is a broad business subject that encompasses a range of activities including advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions. Generally, you will find that people often confuse sales with marketing, when in factrepparttar two are quite different. Marketing is all about getting a product or service intorepparttar 144144 market, promoting it, influencing behavior, and encouraging sales turnover. Sales, quite distinctly, isrepparttar 144145 actual transaction of getting a product or service intorepparttar 144146 hands of your customers.

With so many messages being propelled towards all of us these days, it is more critical than ever for a company to get their product noticed. This means marketers have evolved to being creative. Marketing is not an exact science and managers who know little about it are afraid thatrepparttar 144147 marketing staff within their firm is often wasting valuable money. The truth is that marketing is an investment that always pays off; it just may come back in ways that are not necessarily measurable. So even though one campaign may bring moderate results, another will bring astonishing profits.

Companies not committed to a marketing program are at a disadvantage in today's business world. Those who are still focused on their products, rather than their customers, are doomed to experience lots of failure. Knowing what your clients' expectations are and working to exceed them isrepparttar 144148 key to ultimate business success.

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