Myrtle Beach Tee Times – A Quick Glance

Written by Evans Putman

Planning a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach? Here are six things to know before planning your next golf outing torepparttar Grand Strand.

Flights - Golfers vacationing in Myrtle Beach can choose to tee off during AM or PM flights. Usuallyrepparttar 140909 morning flights run from 7 AM until 9 PM. Afternoon flights generally run from 9:30 AM until Noon. During daylight savings timerepparttar 140910 afternoon flight often is extended until 2:30.

Double Teeing - Most courses alongrepparttar 140911 Grand Strand followrepparttar 140912 practice of double teeing. Golfers tee off on eitherrepparttar 140913 first or tenth tee box. Courses do this forrepparttar 140914 obvious reason of getting more golfers onrepparttar 140915 course each day which brings in more money. Of course, this also gives golfers a nice little pit stop afterrepparttar 140916 first nine. The few single-tee golf courses usually provide golfers beverage carts and a restroom atrepparttar 140917 turn.

Tee Time Intervals - Expect slow play duringrepparttar 140918 busy seasons. The reason for this is more than an abundance of golfers. Most Myrtle Beach golf courses only give golfers eight minutes between groups. This often producesrepparttar 140919 same effect as hitting your brakes on a crowded freeway - gridlock.

Rates - As stated earlier, rates fluctuate all overrepparttar 140920 board duringrepparttar 140921 various golf seasons in Myrtle Beach. One thing that is standard about these rates is morning versus afternoon costs. Generally, morning tee times in Myrtle Beach cost about 30% more than afternoon flights. Learn more about Myrtle Beach golf fees at our website.

Paul Hamm: Did He Deserve Gymnastics Gold in 2004?

Written by Murray Hughes

What’srepparttar controversy all about?

Inrepparttar 140908 2004 Olympics, an all-star group of athletes from aroundrepparttar 140909 world gathered together to compete for titles in gymnastics. Inrepparttar 140910 spirit of competition, there are always tensions between analysts and spokespersons about whether or not athletes deserverepparttar 140911 medals they receive. Sometimes, judges are found to be at fault forrepparttar 140912 controversy, and other timesrepparttar 140913 fiasco is trumped up by uneducated speculation. In this case,repparttar 140914 Paul Hamm stir was due to an ancillary error.:repparttar 140915 judges mistakenly set his rival’s starting score at 9.9 rather than 10.0. Many believe that it is this error that cost Yang Tae Young,repparttar 140916 South Korean rival of Paul Hamm,repparttar 140917 all-around gold medal in gymnastics.

Gymnastics judging is not a science.

This is proven again and again. There is no mathematical way of measuring gymnastics routines -- in fact, gymnastics is perhaps one ofrepparttar 140918 most subjective sports of all. No goals are involved, as in soccer - no hoops like in basketball; no bullseyes are involved, as in archery; one does not go for distance or height, as in pole vaulting or shot put. In gymnastics, an athlete is judged on form, scored on perfection. It is exceedingly difficult to do so accurately, as there are no vectors that can be calculated to see if someone grasps hold ofrepparttar 140919 parallel bars incorrectly or lands with a wobble.

If you have ever been to a gymnastics competition, you probably understand that panels look at execution for their scoring: something that is full of twists and turns and is poorly executed will score lower than something that is simpler but perfectly executed. The criteria for measuring this aspect of gymnastics include stability and landings -- whether or not he or she wavered inrepparttar 140920 element’s terminus, or held position for less than three seconds atrepparttar 140921 end ofrepparttar 140922 routine, or took an extra step or stumbled. This does indeed lead to criticism ofrepparttar 140923 judges’ abilities to do their job, and leads also to mistakes in scoring.

Why does Paul Hamm deserve gold?

Paul Hamm, like any other athlete, is and was not a part ofrepparttar 140924 politics ofrepparttar 140925 game. He was there to compete, and indeed, he was there to win. This isrepparttar 140926 goal of thousands of Olympic hopefuls aroundrepparttar 140927 world -- to go torepparttar 140928 games and to show their skill atrepparttar 140929 sport they love best. In all actuality, no athlete should have to deal withrepparttar 140930 things Paul Hamm was forced through. It is entirely understandable that he should refuse to give up his medal --repparttar 140931 gold is certainly not tainted; it was his and his alone. The mistakes ofrepparttar 140932 judges are not his to bear. He is an incredible gymnast, indeed.

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