Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations and Hurricanes – How to Weather the Storm

Written by Evans Putman

Hurricane season in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina runs from June through November each year. The peak months for hurricane activity are August and September. If you are planning a Myrtle Beach golf vacation during these times ofrepparttar year, you should prepare yourself before arriving at your golf destination. This article provides tips and advice on how to weather any stormrepparttar 150679 tropics might throw at you while enjoying your golf vacation.

NOAA,repparttar 150680 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, predicts that 2005 will be another above-average Atlantic hurricane season. The organization predicts 12 to15 tropical storms, 7 to 9 hurricanes and 3 to 5 major hurricanes. Vacationing golfers should not take these predictions lightly. We have already seen one ofrepparttar 150681 busiest Julys inrepparttar 150682 history of hurricane tracking.

Golfers should not let these predictions deter them from taking a golf trip torepparttar 150683 Myrtle Beach area duringrepparttar 150684 summer and fall seasons. Summer golf deals alongrepparttar 150685 Grand Strand are hotter than our southern summers. Also, fall in Myrtle Beach provides golfers with dropping accommodation rates to accompany falling temperatures and humidity.

If you are unlucky enough to be right inrepparttar 150686 middle of a golf vacation when a hurricane takes aim atrepparttar 150687 coast ofrepparttar 150688 Carolinas, don’t worry. Unlike an unexpected afternoon thunderstorm, hurricanes do not sneak up onrepparttar 150689 South Carolina coast. This gives vacationing golfers plenty of time to leave beforerepparttar 150690 situation gets dangerous.

The best piece of advice we can offer if you plan on visitingrepparttar 150691 Grand Strand golf area during hurricane season is to keep an eye onrepparttar 150692 extended Myrtle Beach weather forecast. If a hurricane approaches during your trip, don't panic. As soon as it looks like you may need to abandon your golf vacation, begin following these steps.

Why Take an Amazon Cruise ?

Written by John Metcalfe

An Amazon cruise isrepparttar ultimate jungle adventure. Fromrepparttar 150650 endless green carpet of tree tops that make uprepparttar 150651 rainforest torepparttar 150652 exotic wildlife that inhabitsrepparttar 150653 waters ofrepparttar 150654 mighty Amazon River, an Amazon cruise will reveal an awe-inspiring ecosystem that is both captivating and educational..

If you've ever wanted to see herds of pink dolphins in their natural habitat, or uncover unique medicinal plants found nowhere else inrepparttar 150655 world, an Amazon cruise could be justrepparttar 150656 type of vacation that you are looking for !

When choosing your Amazon cruise you'll find that you are presented with two distinct choices of cruise vacation. If you're looking to tourrepparttar 150657 Amazon fromrepparttar 150658 comfort of a large luxury cruise liner, Amazon cruises leaving fromrepparttar 150659 city of Manaus inrepparttar 150660 heart ofrepparttar 150661 Amazon Rainforest are ideal..

Manaus, atrepparttar 150662 confluence ofrepparttar 150663 Negro and Amazon Rivers representsrepparttar 150664 furthest point upstream that large Amazon cruise liners can venture. Here,repparttar 150665 Amazon is 11kms wide, and it isrepparttar 150666 main port from where many ofrepparttar 150667 larger cruise liners set sail..

The second Amazon cruise option offers travelersrepparttar 150668 opportunity to explorerepparttar 150669 head ofrepparttar 150670 Amazon River in Eastern Peru. Here, some 6,000kms west ofrepparttar 150671 River's exit point intorepparttar 150672 Atlantic Ocean,repparttar 150673 Amazon ecosystem is at its most diverse..

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