My wake-up call: Heat up or else...

Written by Chris van der Walt

I grew up in a very religious household. That is, if you consider going to church twice every Sunday, starting each normal day with prayer and a reading, saying grace before every meal, avoiding bad things and situations, etc. as being very religious. Growing up, we were always taught to "turnrepparttar other cheek", "followrepparttar 150995 path ofrepparttar 150996 least resistance", "do unto others..." - I think you catch my drift. At church we always sangrepparttar 150997 same old hymns, averting our eyes, not smiling or looking around, basically just being good Christians - or so we thought.

While these principles were all very good, I think they missedrepparttar 150998 point completely. The idea was maybe to make good examples out of us, which was not in itself a bad idea, and part of our task as Christians. But recently I started seriously pondering whether these things don't maybe put us intorepparttar 150999 "lukewarm" category? Safe in our comfort zones, maybe?

It is often amazing how overjoyed I can become over my sports team when they do well onrepparttar 151000 field, but whenrepparttar 151001 moment comes to praise God for giving his Son to die for my sins (a much bigger reason for joy) I prefer to keep it to myself. Or how passionately I talk about my current favorite topic, but when it comes to spreading God's word (which is why we're here on earth, people!), I am at a loss for words. It is so easy to rather avoidrepparttar 151002 topic altogether forrepparttar 151003 sake of not offending friends or colleagues or avoiding humiliation. But let's rememberrepparttar 151004 ultimate humility and suffering Jesus faced when being ridiculed while hanging onrepparttar 151005 cross. And what for? So that you and I may be free from sin. Not for his own gain, but for ours. Is it then too much to ask to speak out when necessary and stop denying Him? One moment of humiliation in exchange forrepparttar 151006 possibility that one soul might have Eternal Life?


Written by Irvin L. Rozier


The act of prayer is surrounded with much mystery Prayer to God can changerepparttar course of history Men first began to call on God many years ago This is recorded in Genesis four and 26 you know

I don't know whose prayer to God wasrepparttar 150912 first Maybe it was for water to quench a mighty thirst But I thankrepparttar 150913 Lord that this one pavedrepparttar 150914 way So many others who followed can to God pray

Saints' prayers are full of odors stored in golden vials Some are ones I prayed during my troubles and trials Angels add incense to these prayers ofrepparttar 150915 saints They are presented to God who never slumbers or faints

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