My other life is exciting, is yours?

Written by Garry Munro

My other life is exciting, is yours?

Everyone dreams of a more exciting life or a life that is different torepparttar one they are living now.

As you dream about your other life, you knowrepparttar 140766 one, where youíre slimmer or fatter orrepparttar 140767 one where you meet your perfect partner and live happily ever after or you have a million dollars or you passrepparttar 140768 exam and go torepparttar 140769 top of repparttar 140770 class,repparttar 140771 dreams go on and on and we all have them.

Dreaming alone however will not give you that other life because you need to do far more than just dream, dreaming is onlyrepparttar 140772 first step in making things happen.

To turn your dreams into realityrepparttar 140773 next step is to write your dreams down and prioritise them, then plan what is your very next step or to put it another way, what action do you need to take right now to start making that dream a reality.

The Good Luck Recipe!

Written by Kenia Morales

Good luck was not part of my life for many years until; I discovered a formula that has proven to be effective for me and many others.

Are you ready?

Okay, then here it is:

1.Set your mind on your desire goal. 2.Come up with a plan to reach your goal. 3.Follow your plan and donít stop working on it until, you accomplish your objective.

I know! This recipe was not quite what you were hoping for. You were probably expecting me to tell you to re-arrange your room, buy a birthday stone, a good luck charm etc. Instead I have given you a short goal setting tutorial.

Why did I do this? I often hear people say: You are so lucky! However, what they do not realize is that 99% ofrepparttar time when they say that; it is in reference to something that was acquired by hard work or at least some type of effort. A great example of this is that one day I maderepparttar 140748 decision to go job hunting. As I stepped outside I saw one of my friends. I stopped for small talk and thatís when I told her my about plan forrepparttar 140749 day. She got excited and told me she knew someone that needed help in his business. Thanks to her I got hired right away.

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