My name is HAD!

Written by Greg Ryan

My name is Had. You may know me, but you may not know my new name. You may have no idea what I Ďve been through because I do my best to lookrepparttar same. I am scared to death of you. I use to be just like you. I once held my head up high without propping in on my hymnal. I was well respected back then, and I even respected myself. I was whole-hearted devoted to God, and ifrepparttar 148405 truth be known, somewhere deep inside I was sometimesrepparttar 148406 slightest bit proud of my devotion. Then Iíd repent because I knew pride was wrong. I didnít want to be wrong. Not ever. People looked up to me. And life looked good from up there. I felt good about who I was. That was before I was Had. Strangely, I no longer remember my old name. I just remembered I liked it. I liked who I was. I wish I could go back. I wish I would just wake up. But I fear Iím wide awake. I have had a nightmare. Andrepparttar 148407 nightmare was me Had. If I could really talk to you and you could really listen, IĎd tell you I have no idea how all of this happened. Honestly, I was just like you. I didnít plan to be Had. I didnít want to be Had. One day I hadnít, and thenrepparttar 148408 next day I had. Oh, I know where I went wrong. I have rewoundrepparttar 148409 nightmare a thousand times, stopping it right atrepparttar 148410 point where I departedrepparttar 148411 trail of good sense. The way ahead didnít look wrong. It just looked different. Strange, he didnít look likerepparttar 148412 devil inrepparttar 148413 original scene. But every time I replayed it, he dropped another piece of his masquerade. When he finally took off his mask, he was laughing at me. Nothing seems funny anymore. I will never laugh again as long as he is laughing.

Remember the Titans

Written by Greg Ryan

Inrepparttar popular movie, ďRememberrepparttar 148404 TitansĒ most of us most likely can recall our favorite scene. Do you remember this one?

The first challenge ofrepparttar 148405 coach was to getrepparttar 148406 community to break uprepparttar 148407 racial divide and pull together. Sorepparttar 148408 head coach (played by Densel Washington) decides to take his players away to camp. Even withrepparttar 148409 change of environment racial barriers still stood tall and tension were high. Afterrepparttar 148410 first few daysrepparttar 148411 coach noticedrepparttar 148412 communication betweenrepparttar 148413 black and white players had not improved inrepparttar 148414 least, matter of fact it was getting worse. The players were not executing their plays, mistakes were made purposely in order to make others look bad and as a result fights continually broke out. So here is whatrepparttar 148415 coach decided to do.

At lunch one dayrepparttar 148416 coach pulled a particular big fat happy go lucky lineman up torepparttar 148417 front ofrepparttar 148418 lunchroom. This kid didnít care black, white, purple, green, he just was happy to be there. The coach asked him to tellrepparttar 148419 whole team ONE thing about his roommate that he learned inrepparttar 148420 few days they were there. This kid rattled on for what seems an hour about his roommate. However, with no surprise torepparttar 148421 coach, when he asked allrepparttar 148422 other players to dorepparttar 148423 same, none of them could mention one thing aboutrepparttar 148424 other. How could they expect to win souls (I mean games) if they didnít believe in their cause and pull together as a team? So as a resultrepparttar 148425 coach made each player learn things about one other between each practice session until each player new something about all other players. In short, if you recallrepparttar 148426 rest ofrepparttar 148427 movie, that exercise broughtrepparttar 148428 team together and not only inspired everyone, but also they went undefeated that season. However, what if those racial barriers had not been broken down how many souls (I mean games) do you thinkrepparttar 148429 Titans would have won that year? Would they have won even one game?

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