My dad listens to music all day on his computer!

Written by Chris De La Rosa

Taken straight from an episode of Kids Say The Darndest Things...? A show hosted by Bill Cosby where he asks kids various questions as if it is an interview and he, as well asrepparttar kids, always find a way to make us laugh. Based on Art Linkletter's House Party, Kids Say has host Cosby talking to young kids about everything from dead goldfish to love letters.

Well it wasn't an episode of that show..but it could be if Mr. Cosby had my daughter up on stage..... My dad listens to music all day on his computer! would berepparttar 135951 response if someone was to ask my kids (mostlyrepparttar 135952 youngest) what her dad does. They know their mom goes to work atrepparttar 135953 hospital, where she's a nurse, but me....?

I could only imaginerepparttar 135954 laughter byrepparttar 135955 studio audience and there I would be trying to hide in someone's shadow! Probably not, since I'm not easily embarrassed.

Why would she say that? Simple explanation.. As I work on my computer in my home office I usually listen to my cd collection or streaming media files (radio, music mixes.. sporting events). I love to work with music inrepparttar 135956 background.. mind-you there are times when I loverepparttar 135957 silence. It can also get pretty noisy when I'm listening to a soccer or NBA game.. I'm one of those people that screams, shouts and make several comments while listening to sporting events!

Proven two minutes magic exercise to conqure the fear of phone

Written by Peter Benson

I got a confession to make!The little communication device used to scare me to death!

I would pick ip up and dial a prospect and whenrepparttar phone rings my heart would start pounding wishing thatrepparttar 135936 recipient does,t pickrepparttar 135937 phone up.Whenrepparttar 135938 phone is picked, guess what?

My home business was rationalised and crippled byrepparttar 135939 fear of phone.The telephone is a very essential tool to expose your business.Some persons have become millionaires due to usingrepparttar 135940 phone proficiently.

However, when I discoveredrepparttar 135941 two minute exercise a new world opened converting me into a calling machine.Despiterepparttar 135942 fact that English is not my first language,I have a commanding personality overrepparttar 135943 phone.

I will show yourepparttar 135944 magic pill to eliminaterepparttar 135945 fear of phone in record time.It doesn't matterrepparttar 135946 level of your fears but be assured thatrepparttar 135947 exercise works.

Are you ready? Lets takerepparttar 135948 ride!

First and foremost acknowledgerepparttar 135949 fact thatrepparttar 135950 phone does not cause fear we talk on it everyday.The potential negative results and perceived failure fromrepparttar 135951 call createsrepparttar 135952 uncomfortable feelings that leads to avoidance.

Here isrepparttar 135953 simple exercise:

List down as many telephone contacts as possible.Your contacts must comprise of warm list[people that you know] and cold leads. You can order a list of telephone leads regardless ofrepparttar 135954 quality. Write down a script in relation to your business.

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