My Vision Of Multiple Streams of Income

Written by Peter Dobler

Copyright 2005 Peter Dobler

You've must have readrepparttar phrase "multiple streams of income" numerous times on your journey searching for wisdom onrepparttar 144101 Internet. Regarding to Robert G. Allen, multiple streams of income arerepparttar 144102 stock market, real estate andrepparttar 144103 Internet. I prefer to add paycheck to this list as well. Most of us don't feel comfortable to give uprepparttar 144104 security of a steady income, at least not inrepparttar 144105 beginning.

Duringrepparttar 144106 next few months I will publish new articles about my very own experiences with building multiple streams of income. Although I just recently started, I have a lot to share and I hope I will inspire someone to avoidrepparttar 144107 mistakes I made, and still will make.

Please join me on my journey to financial freedom through my home-based business onrepparttar 144108 Internet. I will cover my experiences and mistakes withrepparttar 144109 stock market and inrepparttar 144110 real estate business in separate articles. For now I'm focusing onrepparttar 144111 Internet business.

I wasted hours and hours searching forrepparttar 144112 almighty golden key to financial freedom. I spent a lot of money for worthless e-books and signed up to almost every newsletter there is. Until I had to switch email addresses. My inbox couldn't keep up withrepparttar 144113 massive stream of useless emails.

What did I learn so far? Somebody else got a little bit closer to financial freedom, certainly not me! I was in desperate need of either giving up or dramatically changing my strategy. I'm not a quitter and whatever strategy I used, if so, it must change or I will find myself in financial hell.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not looking to make money out of thin air. I actually don't believe inrepparttar 144114 get rich with no money schemes. The only person getting rich isrepparttar 144115 author ofrepparttar 144116 book! Some of these strategies may work in theory, but I've never seen substantial results inrepparttar 144117 long run. I might be wrong on this one, if so, please send me your opinion and experience with this business strategy.

Here's another advice; it takes time, lots of it. Don't rush yourself into hasty decisions just because you think it is a hot deal. Do your homework and researchrepparttar 144118 deal as good as possible. If this isrepparttar 144119 true "hot" deal, it will be around for a while. Otherwise it's just another rip off scheme and someone else is makingrepparttar 144120 big bucks. If you come across these 30 days to success guides, give yourself at least 60 days to achieve your success. Remember, patience is one ofrepparttar 144121 key factors to success. Readrepparttar 144122 guide in its entirety and slowly start implementing these suggestions into action. Always keep track on what you did and double check after a few days or weeks, if it's working. Make changes as necessary.

Conference Calling Evolved

Written by Richard Keir

Copyright 2005 Richard Keir

Originallyrepparttar conference call was limited to businesses paying exorbitant fees torepparttar 144100 telcos. For business, it still made sense economically becauserepparttar 144101 costs were less thanrepparttar 144102 travel costs involved in bringingrepparttar 144103 people together. Additionally, significant time savings are involved, both in terms of travel time and in being able to communicate fairly rapidly to an extended group.

Telcos then extended their market by providing conference calling services to home consumers for an added fee. For some, it made sense to be able to bring a family or group with common interests together easily, usually to plan some physical event.

Withrepparttar 144104 expansion ofrepparttar 144105 internet, and in particular,repparttar 144106 increasing availability and decreasing pricing for high speed internet access, conference calling has expanded far beyond its original uses.

For business, it remains a vital tool and has, actually, become far more useful as prices fall andrepparttar 144107 ease of use increases. Real time audio/video conferencing is already in use (and in some organizations has been for quite some time). Asrepparttar 144108 cost of bandwidth decreases andrepparttar 144109 technology underlying audio-video transmission over networks improves, true real-time video conferencing will increase dramatically.

Withrepparttar 144110 growing sophistication ofrepparttar 144111 typical surfer andrepparttar 144112 expansion of internet marketing, audio and video have become hot items. Withinrepparttar 144113 internet marketing community, conference calls - usually known as teleseminars, have become a standard feature. Offeringrepparttar 144114 opportunity to reach a large group of interested prospects in a relatively simple and inexpensive format, teleseminars also offerrepparttar 144115 marketer an opportunity to create an instant product. A recording of a teleseminar can either be sold as a stand-alone product or used as a marketing tool for back-end products.

Marketers are using both free and paid teleseminars. Generally there is a higher level of injected sales content in free teleseminars, but it does vary a great deal.

Solutions available now range fromrepparttar 144116 rather expensive to essentially free. Your choice is going to depend on exactly what level of service you require. There are a number of providers which offer an introductory pricing scheme (I've seen it as low as a $1 forrepparttar 144117 first month), which gives yourepparttar 144118 opportunity to see firsthand how their service works at a very modest cost. You do need to make sure you understand just how your users will accessrepparttar 144119 conference. Solutions which use telephone call-ins are generally more restrictive and/or expensive than those utilizing an internet connection or VoIP softphone connections.

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