My Top 12 Web Site Marketing Strategies

Written by Herman Drost

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******************************************************************* My Top 12 Web Site Marketing Strategies by Herman Drost

If you don't create a successful strategy for marketing your web site, you can't build a profitable online business. It's therefore imperative to drive thousands of visitors to your web site, then convert them to paying customers.

How do you accomplish this?

Use several marketing strategies

Don't put all your eggs into one basket by only employing one marketing strategy. You could see evidence of this duringrepparttar 117155 latest Google update in which many commercial web sites which once had top rankings, dropped out of existence, thus instantly losing sales.

By creating more than one strategy to market your web site, you can soon see which one worksrepparttar 117156 best by attractingrepparttar 117157 most visitors.

Market with consistency

Set up a clear daily, weekly, monthly and yearly marketing plan for your web site and stick to it. It isrepparttar 117158 lifeblood of your business.

Test marketing

Continually test all your web site marketing strategies to see which one worksrepparttar 117159 best. Eliminate those that are not profitable.

12 successful marketing strategies:

Search engine optimization

Here arerepparttar 117160 locations where you should include your most important keywords or keyword phrases:

1. Meta tags (invisible) Title tag Description tag Keyword tag Alt tag

2. Page content (visible) Weave your best keywords throughoutrepparttar 117161 content of your pages. Focus onrepparttar 117162 first 250 words on your page and only use one to three keyword phrases per page of content. Include keywords in your H1 tag (main title) and H2, H3 tags (subheadings) as well asrepparttar 117163 hyperlinks in your site or and in outgoing links.

Search engines and directories

3. Submit to major search engines - Google is currentlyrepparttar 117164 main search engine to get listed in. If you get listed there, you will also get listed in AOL, Netscape, and Yahoo and it's still free. This may change inrepparttar 117165 near future asrepparttar 117166 competition heats up. Other free listings also include directories such as ODP. Do a search on Google to seek out your niche directories ie for sunglasses, look for sunglass directories.

Here arerepparttar 117167 other search engines to submit to:

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