My Top 10 Favorite Internet Tools

Written by Jim Edwards

When you make your living onrepparttar Internet, you can sometimes forget thatrepparttar 107793 tools and resources you take for granted might rate an incredible discovery to someone who doesn't already know they exist.

Whether they help you save time, save money, or avoid frustration, these tools and services rate my highest recommendation for just plain making life easier, faster and cheaper.

1. Short Keys - Available free at, Short Keys allows you to create shortcut keys to cut down on repetitive typing tasks. I absolutely love this program because ofrepparttar 107794 amount of time it saves me every single day.

2. Good Keywords - Available free at, Good Keywords enables you to condense hours of keyword research into a few seconds. Find outrepparttar 107795 top keywords your target audience searches for so you can put your advertising dollars inrepparttar 107796 right spot to catchrepparttar 107797 biggest fish.

3. Mail Washer - Available free at, this program enables you to spot and delete spam and viruses before downloading them to your computer. With so much spam clogging my email in-box, I couldn't survive any more without this program!

4. ClickBank - If you sell a downloadable product such as an ebook, report, or software, you can't beat clickbank for processing credit card payments. Not only do they takerepparttar 107798 payments and send you a check twice a month, they also plug your product into an existing network of thousands of affiliates who can sell it for you.

5. - Cheap, reliable, easy to use domain name registrar that only charges $8.95 per year for each domain name you register. Godaddy rates cheaper and just as, if not more, reliable than any other domain registrar.

Spyware is Watching You

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Spyware is Watching You

By Stephen Bucaro

Advertising is getting far too intrusive and invasive. Advertisers that are weak in ethics, and strong in grabbing for money, don't see a problem with installing spy programs on your computer without your knowledge.

In Internet Explorer's "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options...". Onrepparttar 107794 "Security tab" click onrepparttar 107795 "Custom level..." button. If you don't haverepparttar 107796 "Disable" orrepparttar 107797 "Prompt" radio button set next to "Download ActiveX controls", I can almost guarantee that someone has installed a spy program on your computer and is monitoring your web browsing activities.

Your Web surfing is being tracked andrepparttar 107798 data is being sold to third parties. These thieves make big money selling your profile to companies who then target you for advertising. Popup advertisements appear even when you visit web sites that don't use popup windows.

The Lavasoft company keeps a reference database of all spy programs and provides a free Windows program that scans your hard drive and registry for spy programs. Their Ad-aware program lets you removerepparttar 107799 spy programs from your computer.

At Lavasoft's website select "Download" inrepparttar 107800 "Support" menu. Onrepparttar 107801 Download page scroll down to "Full install" and click on a download source, (ie This will downloadrepparttar 107802 1.45 Mb file aaw6.exe.

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