My Tips to Take Care of a New Dog

Written by Tara Pearce

So you’re bringing home that cute little puppy fromrepparttar best breeder after doing all that research, or you foundrepparttar 136727 most adorable “mutt” atrepparttar 136728 pound, where you were just going to look, you swore. And now you realize that you weren’t as prepared as you thought. Maybe you’re planning in advance forrepparttar 136729 new bundle of joy. Either way, we’ll give you some valuable tips we’ve learned overrepparttar 136730 years of bringing home little bundles of terror – I mean joy :)

Learn as much as possible about potty training, and expect none of it to matter, especially when you step in their deposits at 3 a.m. inrepparttar 136731 pitch black – it WILL happen!

Buyrepparttar 136732 smallest bag of puppy chow you can find. Your dog will haterepparttar 136733 first one, andrepparttar 136734 second one andrepparttar 136735 third one. Buying small will help you overcomerepparttar 136736 horror ofrepparttar 136737 money you’ve just spent onrepparttar 136738 7th brand of dog food in 2 weeks.

Strip naked or atrepparttar 136739 very least to a swimsuit before bathing your dog. You WILL BE WET. No way to avoid it, even in a 2 foot deep sunken bathtub. Personal experience talking here.

Prepare yourself forrepparttar 136740 fact thatrepparttar 136741 toy you thought was SO COOL inrepparttar 136742 store, will be sniffed and promptly ignored untilrepparttar 136743 end of time. Your dog will only likerepparttar 136744 toys that will drive yourepparttar 136745 most crazy. One ofrepparttar 136746 favorites in our house (NOT purchased by us) is a big skunk with a plastic bottle inside. Inside said plastic bottle is a marble. Aaaaaargh. ‘Nuff said.

RecoveryPets.Com Dispels The Myths

Written by Thaddeus Collins

In a recent discussion about pet safety,repparttar services provided by a website entitled RecoveryPets.Com was compared to microchips and tattoos, and were they a better option to providing identification for pets. During this discussion a lot of statements were made and taken for fact, but here we will dispel some of those myths.

One ofrepparttar 136637 myths about microchips is that they emit a signal that can be tracked byrepparttar 136638 company that providesrepparttar 136639 chip. The truth is thatrepparttar 136640 chip emits no signal, and requires a special scanner to readrepparttar 136641 chip, and withrepparttar 136642 number of pet microchip manufacturers who requirerepparttar 136643 end user to userepparttar 136644 scanner manufactured for their chip.

Note: With so many different types of microchip manufactured, only about 10% of veterinarians, and less than 3% of rescue shelters haverepparttar 136645 needed scanners to detect all microchips. Also, if an individual findsrepparttar 136646 pet, they are usually unaware thatrepparttar 136647 pet has a microchip.

The myth about tattooing is that it is a permanent form of pet identification, this is true and false. Pet tattoos are ideal for owners who intend to stay in one location for life, and never change their contact information. The majority of tattoo’s are placed onrepparttar 136648 underside ofrepparttar 136649 pet were there is less hair growth, but someone finding a lost pet may not want to fliprepparttar 136650 animal over looking for a possible tattoo.

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