My Theory on Linkage

Written by Rich Brunelle

I have a fairly simple theory on linkage.

*Incoming and outgoing linkage is more important than exchanged links. The reason for this belief is that usually incoming and outgoing linkage is relative to content.

*Exchanged links are an agreement between web sites to make a link to one another. Although recent exchanges are based on relavence,repparttar relavence is not to content but to industry.

*Even bad linkage, can qualify as good linkage. But,repparttar 128226 best linkage isrepparttar 128227 linkage being used to bring visitors to your site.

*I do not care how high your linkage improves your ranking on Google or any other search engine. Ifrepparttar 128228 linkage isn't providing visitors and searchers aren't searching for your keywords,repparttar 128229 number one ranking doesn't mean a damn thing.

*SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is intended to make your web pages Search Engine FRIENDLY. This does not "promote" your web site or product. It providesrepparttar 128230 person withrepparttar 128231 better optimizationrepparttar 128232 ability to rank higher on search engines results than others. (And, if you think about it, it's allowingrepparttar 128233 search engines to dictaterepparttar 128234 design and content of your web site.)

Even if search engines never spyder another web site, linkage will continue to promote your web site. With this premis in mind, what type of linkage should provide yourepparttar 128235 best promotional result? If you haven't yet decided on content asrepparttar 128236 answer, I'll give you a few more minutes . . .

E-Books and Web Site Promotion

Written by Rich Brunelle

Preparation and Distribution of E-Books covering topics of interest relevant to your products or services gives you both a method to introduce yourself and a media for sales promotion.

A web site that sells floor stripper might make an E-Book that tellsrepparttar reader how to properly strip a floor. Publishing your catalog or product manual as an e-book is another consideration. There are many uses for e-books.

The strongest use of an e-book is as a give-away “FREEBIE“ item. It also is an excellent web site promotion tool. Imagine how many people would visit “Wal-Marts“ site and download their weekly sale flyer if it was available. Now considerrepparttar 128225 possibility of preparing that same sales flyer for print publishing and using it to publish it as an e-book. It's possible. So why not do both?

Anything that you might put in print or publish torepparttar 128226 Internet, can just as easily be used to publish yourself an e-book.

Now considerrepparttar 128227 additional advertisement value. Not only can your e-book carryrepparttar 128228 content written within, but it can carry your advertisement of anything also. It can also carry your on-line order form and a link back to your web site. And, even carry other peoples ads.

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