My Project Broker Experience

Written by Paul Bednar

Self-employed people are consistently searching for new and innovative methods to get clients. Inevitably, one comes across a company or service that offers to serve as a project broker for free agents, independent consultants, contractors, and clients. This article explains how these services work,repparttar experience I had, and items to consider when evaluating these companies and services.

Why are independent consultants, free agents, and freelancers drawn to these companies and services? There are two main reasons.

First, these people either do not know how or do not like to market their services to others. The idea of potential clients coming to them is very enticing since it requires little effort. You just have to sit back and wait forrepparttar 117457 assignments to be posted. When you see an assignment that fits your experience and expertise, all you have to do is submit a proposal and then wait for a decision.

Second, these companies offer a means to broaden your exposure inrepparttar 117458 marketplace. The thinking goes that if enough people are aware ofrepparttar 117459 services I offer, I'll get a client.

Now, let's talk about how these services work.

In order to view a list of projects, submit proposals, and ultimately get clients, you need to "join" or "sign up" with a particular company or service. Generally, this process requires 3 things:

1. You provide detailed information about your expertise andrepparttar 117460 services you offer. This information is placed on a web site and is accessible to potential clients and other free agents looking for joint venture partners or subcontractors.

2. You pay a fee that is billed either monthly or annually. This fee gives you access torepparttar 117461 database of projects that are currently listed. For each assignment you get throughrepparttar 117462 company or service, you may have to pay a percentage of your project's total cost as a "finder's fee."

3. You provide references that potential clients can contact to inquire about your work. The company or service you join may want to verify your references to make sure you're as competent as you describe. There is a possibility your references may have to fill out a questionnaire or participate in a phone survey regarding your work and professionalism too.

Once you've provided allrepparttar 117463 relevant information about your expertise and services, your references are verified, and you've paidrepparttar 117464 appropriate fees,repparttar 117465 "sign-up" process is complete. You are now free to searchrepparttar 117466 current project database, submit proposals, and hopefully get clients!

Some years ago I signed up with one of these services for one year. I will not discloserepparttar 117467 company's name but here's what I learned:

1. You can sign up with these services or companies even if you don't meet all of their stated requirements. When I was contemplating joining a particular company, I didn't have enough previous clientsrepparttar 117468 company required. However, when I explained my situation, I was permitted to join. Remember,repparttar 117469 organization doesn't make money if they turn you away.

You Don't Need Your Own Product

Written by Alice Seba

A successful online business can be built at reasonable cost. Don't have a product? That's okay. A topical affiliate site might berepparttar answer for you. This means you take your passion or hobby and turn it into profit. You don't keep inventory; you don't have to deliver or ship products; you just maintain your web site & enjoy being with your family. Even if you do have a product, you many want to consider filling out your web site with other affiliate products that relate to your site's theme.

I'm sure you've seen some grossly blatant affiliate sites with banners everywhere & pop-ups that just won't stop popping. These are notrepparttar 117456 way to make money - they just end up being kind of offensive.

Like I said, take your passion. For example, say you are really into photography. You don't have to be an expert, but since you are passionate, you will have a good knowledge base. You'll be surprised at what you learn from building your site around this idea. Include photography tips and articles. Build a newsletter and have your readers make submissions. Give your customers a reason to come to your site - outside of purchasing your products.

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