My Perfect Campsite

Written by Chuck Fitzgerald

Itísrepparttar time of year to beatrepparttar 139760 heat and head for higher elevation. For many people that means loading uprepparttar 139761 RV, grabbingrepparttar 139762 boat and finding a campground byrepparttar 139763 lake. My idea forrepparttar 139764 perfect getaway means loadingrepparttar 139765 truck with our camping gear and our two Labrador Retrievers and getting as far away fromrepparttar 139766 pavement as we can get. While these two styles are quite different, they are both perfect. Letís take a look at what makes a campsite perfect for meóand perhaps for you.

To start with, there are two general types of campsites,repparttar 139767 first being established campsites. These campgrounds exist for all sorts of campers and their camping equipment ranging from large motor homes to small designated patches of grass for bicyclists. Finding this type of campsite is fairly easy to do. Onrepparttar 139768 internet, one can find hundreds of informational websites with campground information for virtually any area onrepparttar 139769 planet. Favorite campgrounds are typically found in national, state and county park systems and are available for a nominal daily fee. They are usually found near natural features such as lakes, rivers and scenic areas. Campgrounds often cater to specific types of campers, for instance some campgrounds are kid and pet friendly while others are not. There are many advantages to established campgrounds such as running water, electricity, activities and other modern conveniences. With minimal research, you should be able to findrepparttar 139770 perfect campground for you or your group.

A second general type of campsite is referred to as a primitive campsite. Asrepparttar 139771 name implies, you wonít find any of todayís modern conveniences at a primitive site and to those who prefer this type of camping, thatísrepparttar 139772 whole point. Primitive camping is my favorite way to camp. Some primitive campers carry everything on their backs and set up camp when they are done hiking forrepparttar 139773 day. I like to drive right up to my primitive camp site so that I can take along a few of my favorite things. In either case here are few things I consider when looking forrepparttar 139774 perfect primitive site. Number one is shelter. Shelter fromrepparttar 139775 wind, rain, sun, noise and other campers are important to me. I also want a spot that is elevated, level, durable and clean. I donít care much for insects and I enjoy a nice fire inrepparttar 139776 evenings.

Get The Most Out Of Your Hike

Written by Chuck Fitzgerald

Hiking is one of lifeís great joys. Fresh air, nature, exercise and good friends. Itís difficult to imagine anything better Ė if youíre prepared. When youíre not prepared properly, itís difficult to imagine anything worse. If you hike a few hundred yards around your neighborhood or a few hundred miles aroundrepparttar backcountry, use these tips to getrepparttar 139759 most enjoyment out of your hiking experience.

#1: Plan your trip. You can plan too little but itís tough to plan too much.

#2: Get in Shape. Put yourself inrepparttar 139760 best possible position to enjoy your sport.

#3: Checkrepparttar 139761 weather forecast. Any weather different than you expect can turn a good hike into a not-so-good hike.

#4: Dress for success. Layer your clothing and be very sure of your footwear.

#5: Haverepparttar 139762 essentials. Your planning will help with this. Take only what is essential and getrepparttar 139763 lightest gear you can afford Ė especially for longer hikes.

#6: Plan to be out longer than you think. If you think three hours, plan for six. Four days, plan for a week.

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