My Garden Soul-The Agonies of Our Delightful Addiction

Written by Jenny Harker

Here is a scenario familiar to every gardener:

I tense with eager anticipation whenever I walk into my favorite nursery, or any nursery. I'm a kid in a toy store with free rein to buy anything I want! My gaze darts from plant to plant, looking for my old favorites and for new varieties.

Suddenly there before me I see a daring new color variety or species beckoning to me. My Holy Grail! My entire world shrinks to this one gem of a plant.

And then I start thinking:

What can I move in my garden so I can squeeze in this plant?

In my mind I shift established perennials to new spots and dig out marigolds I'm tired of. They're annuals! I can plant them again next year.

I smile with confidence knowing my new love will light up my garden like a prison spotlight.

But thenrepparttar guilt sets in.

It's a beautiful plant, but do I really need it? My marigolds bloom faithfully every year. The perennials are content in their plots of soil.

They depend on me!

Improve Your Home’s Landscape in 6 Easy Steps

Written by Tom Ridgeway

Think that improvingrepparttar look of your home and garden requires too much time and money? It doesn’t have to. Here are 6 easy ways to spruce uprepparttar 142000 appearance of your home. These solutions won’t cost a fortune and won’t take long to complete, but it will look like they did!


Create a great focal point inrepparttar 142001 front or backyard while providing a haven for birds. This is one of simplest and least expensive ways to fashion a great yard accent. An elegant birdbath can be placed in any corner ofrepparttar 142002 yard, ideally under a small to medium size tree. Select a matching bird feeder to hang fromrepparttar 142003 tree to complementrepparttar 142004 birdbath. Plant a small patch of annuals or perennials aroundrepparttar 142005 base ofrepparttar 142006 birdbath to completerepparttar 142007 design and voilà! It’s an instant focal point for your landscape and a gathering place for your favorite song birds - all in a matter of minutes.


Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore -- turn it into a fun weekend event for you and your children. Planting a garden inrepparttar 142008 spring is a great activity for your kids, and their excitement will grow along withrepparttar 142009 garden they helped you plant. Add a garden plaque with your children’s names personally engraved to your herb garden and flower plantings. The plaques will identifyrepparttar 142010 children’s special garden plot and will give them a special sense of connection withrepparttar 142011 garden. Garden plaques are inexpensive and come with attached stakes for quick installation inrepparttar 142012 ground. They’re a beautiful and easy way to highlight your flowers or garden.


Want to add some curb appeal torepparttar 142013 front of your home? Here are some inexpensive and visually appealing ideas. Dress up that old mailbox with a beautifully designed mailbox sign – it can even be personalized with your name and address. Takerepparttar 142014 project a step further and install a color garden weathervane near your mailbox with a matching ornament. In no time, you’ve added a great visual accent torepparttar 142015 front yard and created instant curb appeal.

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