My First Website

Written by Regina Stevens

Have you ever wanted to build your own website or to maintain one that someone else built for you? I have written a 30-page e-book just for this purpose. The e-book is written forrepparttar absolute beginner (Windows 98 and above). Inrepparttar 118033 e-book, I have explained some ofrepparttar 118034 HTML code as well as given yourepparttar 118035 exact code to start building your website. Along withrepparttar 118036 code, I have also suppliedrepparttar 118037 images and sources for you to continue your quest in learning HTML.

Importance of Using ALT Text and Heading Tags

Written by Rob Wiley

If you have a website that you want ranked with higher rankings, there are several things you can do on your own to increase rankings. One thing you can do is double checkrepparttar usage of alt text and heading tags on your sight. I've noticed by not having heading tags and leavingrepparttar 118032 ALT text blank, search engines like Google will rank you with a lower score. This has happened to some of my pages, so I am speaking from experience. Recently I did a revamp on some ofrepparttar 118033 pages on my site and noticed that my page ranking had dropped. I couldn't figure it out until finally I caught a clue, and compared my old pages withrepparttar 118034 new ones. The major difference withrepparttar 118035 pages I compared wasrepparttar 118036 new page did not have heading tags, and my alt text was not relevant torepparttar 118037 page. Those two little factors dropped my page rank by up to two points, incredible! You must be very very careful when updating your pages so this problem does not happen to you.

Below are some tips and ideas based on what Google looks for with its robots to help when you upgrade and or optimize your web pages.

First off, where does Google pull text from your page that is considered relevant? I have read from others and noticed that Google gets it's text from a combination of places such as:

1. Keyword phrase found in body text 2. META description tag 3. ALT text found onrepparttar 118038 page, most particularlyrepparttar 118039 first Alt text. 4. Heading tags, once again most particularlyrepparttar 118040 first Heading tag. 5. Additional heading tags onrepparttar 118041 page. 6. Additional body text found onrepparttar 118042 page. 7. Additional ALT text onrepparttar 118043 page. 8. Navigation bars 9. General body text 10. Copyright information (usually towards bottom of page).

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