"My First $0 Check In 365 Days"

Written by Deep Kumar

"My First $0 Check In 365 Days" Author: Deep Kumar

“My first $0 check in 365 days”

Yes,repparttar title is strange. In fact, it amused me when I sawrepparttar 102386 confusion onrepparttar 102387 faces of my three best friends. Finally, they spoke, “Deep, do you mean you earn nothing for full one year while you were on internet”.

I said “BOTH”

Let me reveal you today, my dear friend, I earned almost NOTHING for full one year but loose more than $50,000 by promoting affiliate programs. Now, that is a big money for an average guy from India.

I am not saying that one cannot earn if you are into affiliate marketing. There are living proofs who are earning thousands of dollars every month by promoting others products. Let me mention few of them here.

Ø Associate programs.com

Ø Affiliateshowcase.com

Ø Cbmall.com.

These sites have one thing in common. They have directories/links of products or services, web surfers visit their sites, browse through their directories, clicks on few links, and buysrepparttar 102388 product or service if they like it. And,repparttar 102389 affiliate gets his commission. Sounds simple..

But, here comes a million dollar question. Ifrepparttar 102390 whole thing is so simple, whyrepparttar 102391 heck not every affiliate is getting fat checks in his mailbox every month.

I took almost one year to understand.

This article saves you little time, if not one year. I’ll tell you, what all it takes to become a successful affiliate. In fact, I’ll be telling you, what all you should not be doing to become an affiliate failure.

Biggest Mistake Number1:

Promoterepparttar 102392 ready-to-use affiliate site given to you byrepparttar 102393 vendor, whom you joined as an affiliate.

NEVER-EVER DO IT AGAIN, is all I can say.

I’ll explain in a bit procedural way so that it becomes easy for you to understand.

Let’s assume this.

You, as an affiliate joined a product (P) of some XYZ vendor. Now, XYZ gives you an affiliate URL to promote.

This URL points to a section ofrepparttar 102394 XYZ website which explainsrepparttar 102395 product with a buying link.

You become all excited, and started promotingrepparttar 102396 link, dreaming of big money at your door-step next month. You pay for google ad words, pay for several ezines where you sent your affiliate URL, pay for some more advertisement. Then comesrepparttar 102397 next month……BUT. Where is your affiliate check….

You become frustrated, already spent more than $100-$150. then a thought comes to your mind. “May be people don’t likerepparttar 102398 product you are promoting”. And, second month you join some other affiliate program, followrepparttar 102399 same cycle, again dreaming of big check in your mailbox, but disaster strikes.


You are all set to joining your 3rd affiliate program.

But wait, here is my guarantee to you. You won’t receive your affiliate checksrepparttar 102400 next month also.


Listen carefully, affiliate system doesn’t work like this, hard to accept but that isrepparttar 102401 truth. They will not work for you until you take this approach.

“One killer step to sky rocket your career as an affiliate.”

But before telling you that, let me ask you a question. How many times you have searched for a product or a service on google, visitrepparttar 102402 homepage whererepparttar 102403 product is being explained, and boughtrepparttar 102404 product.

Think honestly.

Your one visit to some website can not force you to buy. You may land up in buyingrepparttar 102405 product on your 1st visit, but thenrepparttar 102406 industry conversion rates, gives yourepparttar 102407 actual picture.

Now, compare it to a site whererepparttar 102408 products of similar categories are shown, they are already bought by someone, withrepparttar 102409 proof if they worked for him or not. Would you buy from that website, after readingrepparttar 102410 reviews, after havingrepparttar 102411 first hand knowledge ofrepparttar 102412 facts that they have worked for someone.

Of course.

I hope you got my point.

STOP PROMOTING THE AFFILIATE URLS given to you. Instead create your own website, of 1-2 page(s), and have your affiliate links there. Try to includerepparttar 102413 pictures ofrepparttar 102414 product, you are promoting, write a small review aboutrepparttar 102415 product orrepparttar 102416 service. And let people click on your affiliate links. You have better chances that they will buy as they have prior knowledge ofrepparttar 102417 product from your site, before they go torepparttar 102418 actual site.

PC Doctor+ Guide 20 How To Make Money From Your Web Site (Part 3) Affiliates

Written by Steve Latimer

How To Make Money from Your Website (3) Let's deal now with Affiliate advertisements. What Is An Affiliate Program? In part 1, we discussed how a web site that is popular and has lots of visitors has an important asset -repparttar attention of people. Companies will pay to have people's attention because they can then show them advertisements. Evenrepparttar 102385 largest of companies have recognisedrepparttar 102386 opportunitiesrepparttar 102387 Internet presents for advertising. So how does a large company feed advertisements to other people's web sites? It could maintain a dedicated section or department whose sole function was to promote and maintain accounts for individual web site owners who had signed up with them as affiliates and indeed some companies do just that. The administration costs to themselves though are quite high. The more common approach is to use a third party Affiliate Company to administerrepparttar 102388 process such as Commission Junction. This is a sensible approach. The third party company can then work on developingrepparttar 102389 efficiency ofrepparttar 102390 process itself whilerepparttar 102391 advertising company can concentrate onrepparttar 102392 actual marketing of their products. They do this by producing eye-catching ads which are fresh and keep pace with product cycles, promotions andrepparttar 102393 like. The range of companies using Affiliate programs is extensive and includes everyone from high street banks and retailers to specialist web-based companies who have no traditional high street presence. I can think of few high street retailers inrepparttar 102394 UK who are not also running concurrent affiliate programs onrepparttar 102395 Internet. There are quite a few Affiliate Companies. The majority have an American slant. It's easy enough to search for Affiliate Companies onrepparttar 102396 Internet but make a large cup of coffee before hand as you may be there for some time! Why Become An Affiliate? Atrepparttar 102397 simplest level it is an additional source of advertisement revenue. The advertisement banners and links produced byrepparttar 102398 advertisers are almost invariably of very good quality. Their presence on your site actually adds torepparttar 102399 professional look and overall feel of it. By using advertisements from well known companies you become associated, albeit in a small way, with quality brands. Remember if an advertiser accepts you as an affiliate they are giving a stamp of approval to your site - always reassuring! So How Do Affiliate Programs Work? In essence there are three parties involved: The Advertiser who suppliesrepparttar 102400 graphics torepparttar 102401 Affiliate Company and determines commission rate policy. The Web Site Owner who addsrepparttar 102402 HTML code to his site which will displayrepparttar 102403 ads. He also looks afterrepparttar 102404 site content. The Affiliate Company who administers everything collecting payments from advertisers and collating them into web site owner accounts. Each party has specific roles inrepparttar 102405 relationship and if everyone does their bit effectively everyone benefits. Register Firstly, you need to register withrepparttar 102406 Affiliate Company and create an account. To do this simply visitrepparttar 102407 appropriate web site. (listed below) The registration procedure seems to vary little between Affiliate Companies. The details you need to supply are: Your name and address Other contact details The URL of your web site Details of your bank The Affiliate Company looks after collecting payments from advertisers and collating these to your account. Whenrepparttar 102408 amount in your account reaches a threshold level it is transferred into your bank account. Select Your Advertisers To select advertisers scan through those available. It's best to pick only those that comply withrepparttar 102409 overall context of your web site. So for example, if you run a site providing DIY tips and instructions you may sign up with B & Q or on-line Garden Centres. You can sign up forrepparttar 102410 more general advertisers but keep those to a minimum. Be smart. In our DIY example,repparttar 102411 site will attract visitors interested in that subject so DIY advertisements will work best for both you andrepparttar 102412 advertising company. Apply Once you have selected your advertiser you will have to apply to that company’s individual program. Some advertisers are more picky than others and some are so restrictive in who they accept you are left wondering why they bother at all. These tend to berepparttar 102413 long established, more traditional high street companies to whomrepparttar 102414 whole concept ofrepparttar 102415 Internet probably came as rather an unwelcome shock! The acceptance process is usually done by e-mail withrepparttar 102416 administration ofrepparttar 102417 process being fairly automatic. Don't be too disappointed if you are declined by certain advertisers. By declining they are not necessarily saying that your site is of poor quality. It's just as likely that it simply doesn't fit in with their current marketing approach. They are entitled to decide their own marketing strategy.

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