My Fifteen Year Job Search

Written by Ieuan Dolby

The inscrutable Malaysian Immigrations Officer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport caused me a moment’s consternation with his question until I realized that he was just making small talk whilst manically trying to stamp allrepparttar bits of paper that I had placed on his otherwise spotless Formica top. I had just finished six weeks work in Kuantan, Malaysia and was eager to get home; he was just starting his 8hr shift and was bored already.

He started off by asking me where in Malaysia I had been working and for how long. He then asked me if all of that time had been spent onboard one vessel! His next question heraldedrepparttar 107119 real start of his small talk, “what sort of life is that” was his opening gambit. Initially thinking that he had suspicions over my activities forrepparttar 107120 last six weeks, my heart started to pack its bags forrepparttar 107121 rapid journey to my mouth. But then realizing that he was just asking a simple and friendly question I told my heart to stop hammering like an out of balance washing machine and to remain where it was.

It took me a while to register his question and byrepparttar 107122 time I had thought up a reply he was massaging his aching elbow and viewing up his next customer with weighted suspicion.

But I most certainly did not forget his untimely question. In fact his query prompted me to write this article. And to rethink my whole way of life and more than anything else it has made me reconsider my future career path.

I have in all truthfulness been looking for an alternative job for nearly fifteen years. Yep, none of these spur ofrepparttar 107123 moment career searches that peter away to nothing when faced with an awesome pile of possibilities that would take an archivist a full year to locaterepparttar 107124 elusive ‘needle in a haystack’ job that might or might not berepparttar 107125 one. I was not looking for a job via a casual glance through a Sunday newspaper whilst sitting out inrepparttar 107126 garden with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and mulling over mowingrepparttar 107127 lawn. My fifteen year search for employment has been ongoing, intricate and in-depth. My search forrepparttar 107128 ideal future job,repparttar 107129 one that would take me away fromrepparttar 107130 sea and onto land has been energetic and involved, persuasive and of course very demanding upon my soul and time.

For fifteen years I have been looking for a shore-based and long term career anywhere inrepparttar 107131 world. And for all of that time I have remained working at sea and onboard ships.

My Malaysian Immigration Officer through his well meaning and casually uttered question has made me realize that one of these fine days I will have to accept a job that has been offered to me. It sounds daft now that I write it down on paper, but in these endless years of bewailingrepparttar 107132 fact that I want to leaverepparttar 107133 sea but cannot because nobody will offer me a job, I have turned down many a wonderful offer.

What a Career Coach Can or Cannot Do for You

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

What a Career Coach Can or Can't Do for You

I want to start with what I think good career coaches do for people who are looking for new jobs, facing downsizing, ready to retire, but want to work longer, etc. Any category of job seeker is who we want to work with. I'll start with my own definition..

1. Coaches can become friends with you. Friends of a kind that you can tell your secrets to and not fear recrimination or judgement about you and your decisions.

2. Coaches have resources for you. All kinds of resources to give you or ask you to find for yourself. They are: videos, books, websites, people, you name it. These resources are meant to awaken your desire to findrepparttar information that only you need to make a career decision.

4. Coaches guide you towardsrepparttar 107118 decisions you want to make. Most job seekers know what they want, but need confirmation of what they really want to do, regardless of how zanyrepparttar 107119 choices may be. The career coach helpsrepparttar 107120 job hunter make firm decisions.

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