My Favorite Movies Journal

Written by Doreene Clement

My Favorite Movies Journal By Doreene Clement

The movies--what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I love going torepparttar movies. When I thought about why I look forward to going to a movie, I realized it was like meditation for me. The only thing that was on my mind was what was in front of me onrepparttar 144991 screen. I am inrepparttar 144992 moment when I am at a movie.

Rememberrepparttar 144993 movie "Harold and Maude"? Although this was decades ago, I remember it well. I started to cry duringrepparttar 144994 movie and did not stop until late that night. This movie brought up so many feelings for me. I identified with Harold. I identified with Maude. I identified with what made each of them different from most people, yet so similar to each other.

Movies are a wonderful vehicle from which we can learn and feel. We can see more about ourselves andrepparttar 144995 world that surrounds us through movies. We can consider how we might handlerepparttar 144996 same situations we just watched in a movie. What we would have done differently, and donerepparttar 144997 same.

A great way to enhance your movie experience is to keep a "Favorite Movies" journal. You can use a blank book, one that you use only for your favorite movies or add your movie favorites to your existing journal entries. Write downrepparttar 144998 movie title,repparttar 144999 date you saw it and with whom you went. You can even paste your ticket stub into your journal next torepparttar 145000 title. Journal if you connected withrepparttar 145001 characters, what you learned and took away from each and what your feelings were.

Blackjack for beginners

Written by Mansi gupta

‘Blackjack’ is one ofrepparttar oldest games played in United States of America. Generally it is believed thatrepparttar 144953 game got its name fromrepparttar 144954 manner in which it is played. When a player had a jack along with an ace of spade inrepparttar 144955 first hand,repparttar 144956 player was paid extra money. So, in this gamerepparttar 144957 black spades are as crucial as jacks. From this it was termed as ‘Blackjack’. The origination ofrepparttar 144958 game can be traced back to world war I, whenrepparttar 144959 game was quite popular amongrepparttar 144960 troops since it hadrepparttar 144961 benefit to be played at any time and anywhere. Nowrepparttar 144962 game has entered allrepparttar 144963 casinos and has a huge fan following. Blackjack beat Faro is largely adored and played inrepparttar 144964 casinos of Las Vegas and Reno. The Game- This game is played by more than a few players on a horseshoe kind of table. The base player isrepparttar 144965 one who is atrepparttar 144966 end torepparttar 144967 dealer’s right. The initial step will berepparttar 144968 shuffling ofrepparttar 144969 cards byrepparttar 144970 dealer. Later you are supposed to cutrepparttar 144971 cards with a card sized piece of plastic by sliding it betweenrepparttar 144972 deck of cards. The dealer will liftrepparttar 144973 cards aboverepparttar 144974 plastic along withrepparttar 144975 plastic to place them belowrepparttar 144976 deck. A cautious eye atrepparttar 144977 placement activity of dealer will be helpful inrepparttar 144978 game. Next,repparttar 144979 top card is set aside byrepparttar 144980 dealer in order to avoid any kind of cheating inrepparttar 144981 game. This is known asrepparttar 144982 burning ofrepparttar 144983 card. This is followed byrepparttar 144984 dealer’s putting a colored card at aboutrepparttar 144985 third way fromrepparttar 144986 bottom ofrepparttar 144987 deck and placement of another card atrepparttar 144988 last place i.e. atrepparttar 144989 bottom ofrepparttar 144990 deck.

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