My Computer is Making a Strange Noise.

Written by Michael List

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Your computer, much like your car, may sometimes alert you torepparttar 107799 fact that something is wrong. When you take your car torepparttar 107800 repair shop you probably tellrepparttar 107801 technician that it is making some strange noise that you have never heard before. This often helpsrepparttar 107802 technician diagnoserepparttar 107803 problem.

Computers haverepparttar 107804 same advantage. Oftenrepparttar 107805 noises that a PC makes will tell you whatrepparttar 107806 problem is. I have tried to matchrepparttar 107807 noise, tuff to do when writing it, withrepparttar 107808 problem. Listen to your PC and then check below to see if you hear a match. Remember, if your PC is making noise that it didnít make when it was new means it has a problem and depending onrepparttar 107809 severity could cause permanent damage.

Sounds LikeÖ..

No noise, my computer use to have a noise put inrepparttar 107810 last few days has been pretty quite.

Stop what you are doing and checkrepparttar 107811 back of your PC, there will be a grill area next torepparttar 107812 power cord connector with a fan installed. If you canít feel any air coming out ofrepparttar 107813 fan take a closer look to see ifrepparttar 107814 fan is running. Ifrepparttar 107815 fan is not turning (withrepparttar 107816 computer on), you have a problem withrepparttar 107817 power supply. You must replacerepparttar 107818 fan as soon as possible. In most cases it is cheaper to replacerepparttar 107819 power supply that housesrepparttar 107820 fan rather then attempting to replacerepparttar 107821 fan alone. The fan in your computers power supply is what coolsrepparttar 107822 internal components and if itís not working you will overheatrepparttar 107823 PC.

Beeps! Your computer is telling you something.

Written by Michael List

One beep from your computer at startup can make your whole day. Just ask anyone that has turned onrepparttar PC and sufferedrepparttar 107796 agony of several beeps and then nothing.

When you purchase a computer, it will arrive withrepparttar 107797 BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), pre-installed on an EPROM (Erasable Programmable read Only Memory), chip onrepparttar 107798 main/motherboard. When you start your computerrepparttar 107799 CPU (Central Processing Unit), sends control ofrepparttar 107800 PC torepparttar 107801 EPROM BIOS. The BIOS is part of repparttar 107802 POST (Power-On Self Test) ofrepparttar 107803 computer. Oncerepparttar 107804 BIOS receivesrepparttar 107805 go ahead fromrepparttar 107806 processor it starts its magical journey through allrepparttar 107807 components and peripheral devices attached torepparttar 107808 computer. CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor), holdrepparttar 107809 data that is accessed byrepparttar 107810 BIOS setup. Basically,repparttar 107811 CMOS isrepparttar 107812 reason that you can unplug your computer and retainrepparttar 107813 startup and BIOS information. CMOS is maintained onrepparttar 107814 motherboard in an always-on state supported by a battery installed onrepparttar 107815 main board.

Much likerepparttar 107816 human mind, when we wake up inrepparttar 107817 morning our brain remembers that we have eyes, ears, a nose and so on. We knowrepparttar 107818 town we live in. You can go to work, stop byrepparttar 107819 post office,repparttar 107820 grocery store and back home without having to spend time perusing a map for directions to each one. Your computer works muchrepparttar 107821 same way. Without a memory device to instructrepparttar 107822 computer on whatís where,repparttar 107823 operating system and other software would literally have to takerepparttar 107824 time to locate each part ofrepparttar 107825 PC and its components every time they are loaded. Fortunately,repparttar 107826 BIOS take care of that forrepparttar 107827 processor, operating system and components.

Howrepparttar 107828 BIOS works. Every computer comes pre-loaded withrepparttar 107829 BIOS onrepparttar 107830 motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers work long hours with BIOS manufacturers to make surerepparttar 107831 information inrepparttar 107832 BIOS is specific torepparttar 107833 needs and components ofrepparttar 107834 motherboard. Although there are a number of BIOS manufacturers,repparttar 107835 two most popular are AMI (American Megatrends Incorp.) and VIA. BIOS simply put, is a program and not an actual device. It isrepparttar 107836 software that informsrepparttar 107837 computer at startup of allrepparttar 107838 devices (input and output) attached torepparttar 107839 PC. The BIOS also lets you know when there is a problem. It accomplishes this by checking for known devices and makes sure they are still attached. Whenrepparttar 107840 BIOS detect a problem it sends a series of beeps torepparttar 107841 motherboard speaker. This series informsrepparttar 107842 user of whatrepparttar 107843 problem is, at least as well asrepparttar 107844 BIOS can determine. Lets say your video card has gonerepparttar 107845 way ofrepparttar 107846 XT model computer,repparttar 107847 BIOS senses that it has died or is not installed. The BIOS sends a series of beeps torepparttar 107848 onboard PC speaker to inform you ofrepparttar 107849 problem. Pretty neat! The problem is that no manufacturer of BIOS usesrepparttar 107850 same beep series. This is why it is important for you to knowrepparttar 107851 BIOS software manufacturer for your specific PC. Weíll explain how to find this out later.

How do I know ifrepparttar 107852 BIOS are working? Thatís easy, if your computer starts and you get a single short beep, repparttar 107853 BIOS is working and has found and relayedrepparttar 107854 information aboutrepparttar 107855 input/output devices torepparttar 107856 CPU. If you turn on your computer and nothing happens at all,repparttar 107857 problem is probably in your power supply (this assumes that you have it plugged in properly)repparttar 107858 BIOS is probably still working butrepparttar 107859 computer canít start because of a power problem. If all is well,repparttar 107860 BIOS will find allrepparttar 107861 attached input/output devices, send a single short beep torepparttar 107862 internal speaker andrepparttar 107863 computer will startrepparttar 107864 boot process.

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