My Clairsentience

Written by Heidi B. Lapin

I have been clairsentient “psychic” (I haterepparttar word “psychic”) all my life. I will skip allrepparttar 122395 regular everyday psychic stuff because it really isn’t that interesting as some ofrepparttar 122396 better things I’ll talk about. Once I was content with knowing I had “the gift”, it was kind of neat to realize that not everyone did. When you’re a kid, you really don’t know any different. I admit, it is an interesting talent, for a lack of a better word, but sometimes it feels like a curse. There are times when I know things I don’t want to know. You can’t just turn it off and on when it is convenient. You learn to takerepparttar 122397 positive withrepparttar 122398 negative and learnrepparttar 122399 ethics involved with it all. Once you get a handle onrepparttar 122400 ups and downs, you can userepparttar 122401 ability to help others who want your help. I do that by doing readings. One ofrepparttar 122402 ways I read is by psychometry. I hold an object or picture and getrepparttar 122403 vibes and messages from it. Another is just hearingrepparttar 122404 voice ofrepparttar 122405 client in person or via phone. I always tell my clients not to give me too much detail;repparttar 122406 less I am told,repparttar 122407 better I can see. The most common question I’m asked is how my abilities work. I’ll try to explain how I “see”, but it has always been difficult for me to describe. The most common way I see is as if a thought just appears in my mind. It isn’t at all like someone is whispering it my ear, or holding a flash card in front of my face for me to read from. For example, a woman came intorepparttar 122408 animal hospital where I work to sell some kind of promotional spa package deal. She mentioned she had a dog at home that was kind of sick atrepparttar 122409 time. I asked her if her dog’s name was Daisy or Hazel. She said, “Daisy…how did you…?” With a spooked look on her face I just answered, “Oh, it’s just this strange thing I have.” At that point, I decided to play with this sales lady a bit just to see her reaction. I went on to ask, “Oh, Daisy’s a Christmas baby, huh? She’s going to be 4 years old this year?” She answered, “Yes, oh my God, how do you do that?” I smiled and asked her to take Daisy back to her veterinarian for a check-up since it had been a few months since she had brought her in. I told her to askrepparttar 122410 veterinarian to do a food allergy test. I was sensing this woman was focusing more onrepparttar 122411 dog having a problem with an internal organ, but an ingredient found in many dog foods was causingrepparttar 122412 symptoms. She took my business card and called me a few weeks later. Her vet sent her torepparttar 122413 specialist (allergist) and it turned out that Daisy was allergic to 2 different ingredients and that was what was making her ill. So, thoughts, vibes, and pictures appear to me in that same way. I just seem to know, as if I matter-of-factly knew something. I don’t think about where it comes from. A cool memorable experience was one night when I was doing an in-person reading. (I did a majority overrepparttar 122414 phone.) A woman suspected her husband was fooling around with someone she thought she knew. I told her that before she accused him of anything, or confronted him; go to his office when he is not around. I told her to look inrepparttar 122415 bottom, right-hand drawer of his desk and she would find a greeting card in a florescent colored envelope. In that envelope would be a card “she” gave to him. If I was correct, I wanted her to call me immediately to schedule another reading (no extra charge, of course!) She foundrepparttar 122416 card and our next session was about 2 days later. I put myself in what I call a conscious real-time OBE to enable myself to seerepparttar 122417 house that her husband was currently at. I describedrepparttar 122418 house in detail, where his car was parked, and found my O.B. self inrepparttar 122419 backyard. I was standing atrepparttar 122420 bottom of a small hill looking upward atrepparttar 122421 yard. I describedrepparttar 122422 wooden decking, whererepparttar 122423 bushes were placed, andrepparttar 122424 rectangular door with a narrow vertical window that a hall light was shining through. I describedrepparttar 122425 bushes, trees, andrepparttar 122426 garden hose that was unraveled onrepparttar 122427 deck. She seemed to know exactly who’s house I was describing. Unfortunately, I was accurate and she had to deal withrepparttar 122428 situation at hand.

Love in Toubled Times.

Written by Averi Torres

If you wanted a peaceful life today, you choserepparttar wrong lifetime to be born. We live in times of global anxiety, change, and danger. However, you can still flourish, even in unstable times - it is still a choice! This is a chaotic world with sunshine and storms and you have got to learn to weatherrepparttar 122394 storms.

Because these are troubled times, doesn’t mean you need to have a troubled mind. You can train yourself to face your fears without anxiety but with courage, love, faith, and compassion. You can train yourself to berepparttar 122395 magician –repparttar 122396 one who brings love, peace, light, and service to this troubled world.

If you are choosing peace, love, and service then you need to control your mind by controlling your thoughts. Peace of mind does not come from absence of challenges, but fromrepparttar 122397 deep inner knowing that you may have a lot of problems but you can deal with them - that you haverepparttar 122398 ability to reach within and connect with spirit.

To overcome your insecurities and fears, spend less time focused on your weaknesses and more time consciously being loving and of service to others. Your fears will dissolve and be replaced by an inner peace andrepparttar 122399 ability to feel greater love, this I promise you.

I often talk ofrepparttar 122400 power ofrepparttar 122401 mind – your thoughts can flicker like a candle inrepparttar 122402 wind unless you ground yourself inrepparttar 122403 now and learn to focus and hold steady your thoughts.

This is where getting readings, meditation, and use of a mantra can be so helpful. It can be your anchor so you can hold steady your mind. Only a steady mind can releaserepparttar 122404 emotion of fear and anger, transforming a negative into a positive. One of my favorite mantras is "Om Namah Shiviya." I find it gives my mind something to focus on and it grounds me back inrepparttar 122405 present moment where peace and loving kindness exist.

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