My Adsense Journey

Written by The Voice

As a blogger, I was interested in creating websites that I found were a personal interest to myself. I decided to write and post articles that I found interesting and hopefully felt that others would be interested in also. After all people create blogs so they can share their feelings and aspirations. But when you create that blog you also feel that you are putting a large amount of time intorepparttar projects and wish to see if you are able to generate income from your work. This is where Google Adsense comes into play.

I discovered Google Adsense mostly by accident and was intrigued byrepparttar 143659 concept of Contextual Advertising. I felt if Google could look at my site and deliver relavent ads to it, I thought "Hey", that's great. I could use some extra bucks. After apply Adsense to my websites, I waited for some clicks to come in. Well...I waited a "long time" for little to nothing.

Not beingrepparttar 143660 one to give up easily, I used small and large ad formats and applied them torepparttar 143661 top half of my website, torepparttar 143662 right side and bottom. I waited a period of time to seerepparttar 143663 results and "surprise, surprise", I did get an increase in clicks. The only problem was,repparttar 143664 clicks were still small and didn't amount to much. By this time most people would have given up and would have just moved along to other advertisers. I seriously started to look at "Blogads" as a source of revenue, but I finally came back to Google. I felt like I was missing some critical pieces of information and decidedrepparttar 143665 best route to take was to learn by example. I looked long and hard at people who were successful at adsense. I looked at thier sites, I made mental notes of what they were doing and what kind of content they had. I read thier own stories of success and then compared what they did against each other.

What I found intrigued me. I found out that successful people inrepparttar 143666 adsense program have relavent content and they use human behavior to thier advantage. Now relavent content is a given, but what I mean by "using human behavior" is a little more complex. Evidently people arrive at your site and make up thier minds up in a flash as to whether they intend to stay on your site or leave. They look for something that catches thier interests and if it does, they stay there to read your information or buy a product. Internet users are "trained" to look in certain locations and ignore things that are outside of thier narrow scope of vision. People can look torepparttar 143667 sides for information, butrepparttar 143668 propensity for them to do so is lower. By putting ads directly "in thier face", you have a significantly higher chance they will click it. This is whererepparttar 143669 "relavent content" comes into play.

Top Internet Marketing Guru Gives Mini-Site Creator Rave Review

Written by Terry Mansfield

Mini-Site Creator ( ) is generating a great deal of interest and excitement aroundrepparttar Internet. Why so? The answer is simple, according to Jim Edwards, repparttar 143469 creator of Mini-Site Creator and one who certainly knows a thing or two about how to succeed onrepparttar 143470 Internet based on his own long and distinguished track record of achievement. Jim says Mini-Site Creator is of great value and benefit to anyone who is a current or aspiring Internet marketer and entrepreneur because it allows you to "stop sweating and struggling to get your website posted onrepparttar 143471 Internet" and offers "a quick and easy way for you to painlessly set up your own moneymaking 'Mini' Websites... without being a computer geek, buying expensive software, or paying outrageous fees to a webmaster."

Jim is obviously proud of Mini-Site Creator and wants to emphasize that it offers many outstanding benefits to you if your answer to ANY ofrepparttar 143472 following questions is "Yes":

-- Are you constantly thinking up ideas for little web sites you could set up to make money online?

-- Do you seerepparttar 143473 MASSIVE opportunity onrepparttar 143474 Internet?

-- Are you being held back because you lackrepparttar 143475 skills and expertise of how to setup an effective money-making web site?

If you did answer "Yes" to ANY ofrepparttar 143476 above questions, then Jim Edwards wants you to know that Mini-Site Creator is exactly what you need to quickly and easily create as many "money-making mini-sites" as you'd like.

But you don't have to just take Jim's word for it. After all, he might be just a wee bit biased in his opinion of his own product. So what exactly are others saying? In a nutshell, many people are singingrepparttar 143477 praises of Mini-Site Creator.

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