MyDoom Virus & How YOU can help!

Written by Val Burnett

We have been monitoring stories and technical information that is available on this Virus that is Spreading like Wildfire! We believe that starting Feb 1st, we may see things slow down onrepparttar net, email problems, sites not available etc. We saw it before with last years big virus, but sources say this new virus isrepparttar 109563 worst one yet.

Based on their code,repparttar 109564 Mydoom worms are scheduled to launch denial of service attacks againstrepparttar 109565 SCO Group Inc. and Microsoft Corp., starting Feb. 1. A DOS attack meansrepparttar 109566 infected computers are set to overload both companies' web servers with bogus information, in an attempt to prevent access by legitimate users.

Mydoom.B also prevents infected computers from accessingrepparttar 109567 web sites of Microsoft and many anti-virus software makers, making it difficult forrepparttar 109568 owner of an infected machine to get help.

With hundreds of thousands of infected computers as of Friday and atrepparttar 109569 estimated rate of 12,000 per hour systems becoming infected, this virus is taking over. It has been estimated that now 20% of all email that is being sent/received isrepparttar 109570 Mydoom virus and its variants! With this many systems infected and once Feb 1st hits, these infected systems will startrepparttar 109571 DoS attacks from all overrepparttar 109572 world. How will this affect you?

Email Service could be slowed down, pop3 errors, websites slow to bring up or not available. Yes, this could very well affect even our sites and

your access to them whenrepparttar 109573 DoS attacks start and there is NOTHING we can do to prevent this from occurring except educate our members and provide information on how to protect your system. This virus will cause so much information to be passed throughrepparttar 109574 nets backbones that it will cause congestion, packet loss, instability ofrepparttar 109575 major backbones and services being temporarily denied while major ISPs attempt to block and prevent further problems due torepparttar 109576 DoS attacks and this virus.

This could turn into a nightmare for many companies that do business and depend on email, website reliability etc. HOW CAN YOU HELP?


There is NO reason that anyone onrepparttar 109577 internet should not have an anti-virus software installed on their computer. The fact that many do not and many that do not update their software regularly plus opening of

attachments when you do not know who they are from or where not expecting it - This is what is causingrepparttar 109578 spread of these viruses like wildfire.

MyDoom Details -

Avoid opening attachments from suspicious email messages Emails sent out by Mydoom.B are generated randomly. The From address may also be spoofed to appear as thoughrepparttar 109579 message is from a different address.

The subject ofrepparttar 109580 message will include one ofrepparttar 109581 following:

Delivery Error hello Error Mail Delivery System Mail Transaction Failed Returned mail Server Report Status Unable to deliverrepparttar 109582 message

Not all email messages with these subject lines carryrepparttar 109583 MyDoom.B virus, some may be legitimate status messages.

Creating Message Rules in MS Outlook 2002 (XP)

Written by Regina Stevens

Create a folder in your folder list. NOTE: This is where your inbox is located. If you do not see this list, go to your toolbar and click on View, then Folder List

Right click on "Outlook Today" inrepparttar folder list. It should have a plus or minus sign onrepparttar 109562 left of it. If it is a plus sign, click onrepparttar 109563 sign so that you can seerepparttar 109564 other folders

If you had to click onrepparttar 109565 sign, right click on "Outlook Today" again and continue torepparttar 109566 next step

Click on "New Folder"

Type inrepparttar 109567 name of your new folder (example, if you want all mail from your mom going into a specific folder, namerepparttar 109568 folder Mom)

Make sure thatrepparttar 109569 "Folder Contains" section isrepparttar 109570 "Mail and Post Items" selection

Click on OK. The new folder is listed in your folder list now

Click onrepparttar 109571 new folder you just created

NOTE: Ifrepparttar 109572 preview window appears, click View on your toolbar and click on Preview Pane to close this window. If you get a virus in an email and this window is enabled,repparttar 109573 virus will automatically open and could destroy your computer.

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