Must See in Yellowstone National Park

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Six hundred forty thousand years ago, a volcanic eruption magnitudes greater thanrepparttar eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980 formedrepparttar 149227 area now known as Yellowstone National Park. Considered by many National Park vacationers asrepparttar 149228 Crowning Jewel ofrepparttar 149229 United States’ National Park System,repparttar 149230 land known as Yellowstone, wasrepparttar 149231 first National Park protected by law in 1872 by then President Ulysses S. Grant. Many natural wonders can be found withinrepparttar 149232 confines of Yellowstone National Park. Probablyrepparttar 149233 best known of these isrepparttar 149234 geyser Old Faithful but, Old Faithful is by no meansrepparttar 149235 only site worth seeing during your vacation in Yellowstone National Park. There are many must see attractions to consider during your trip to this well known National Park.

The Old Faithful Area

Old Faithful is without a doubtrepparttar 149236 most well known natural attraction in Yellowstone National Park and arguablyrepparttar 149237 most well known attraction inrepparttar 149238 United States’ National Park System. Sixty percent ofrepparttar 149239 world’s geysers are located in Yellowstone Park. The largest number of geysers is located inrepparttar 149240 Upper Geyser Basin. In fact, over one hundred fifty geysers are located within a one square mile area inrepparttar 149241 Upper Geyser Basin. Yellowstone naturalist staff is able to predictrepparttar 149242 eruption of at least five ofrepparttar 149243 major geysers in this small area including Castle, Grand, Daisy, Riverside, and of course Old Faithful. Many other smaller geysers may frequently erupt in this area as well. You can also view numerous hot springs and a recently developed mudpot. The Old Faithful Inn is a great place to stay while visitingrepparttar 149244 Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful. The lobby ofrepparttar 149245 hotel features a sixty five foot ceiling, a huge fireplace, and railings made of lodgepole pine. Three hundred twenty seven rooms await vacationers visiting this area of Yellowstone National Park. If you prefer cabin-style accommodations, your best bet is Old Faithful Lodge. The lodge features a cafeteria, gift and coffee shops. Guests can check in atrepparttar 149246 front desk. A popular resting place for visitors isrepparttar 149247 Knotty Pine Porch. It provides a great view of Geyser Hill and isrepparttar 149248 oldest building at Old Faithful. This building was built for F. Jay Haynes as a photo studio in 1897.

Where Lewis and Clark Stopped in Montana.

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In addition torepparttar main objective of finding and mapping a new route torepparttar 149226 Pacific Ocean, President Thomas Jefferson had 3 other tasks for explorers Lewis and Clark to complete. The first was to make contact with Native Americans. Secondlyrepparttar 149227 explorers were to obtain specimens of flora and fauna for further study. Lastly Lewis and Clark were charged with keeping full and detailed records of their activities during their expedition in search of a new route torepparttar 149228 Pacific Ocean. Their trek through wild, unsettled Montana provided some ofrepparttar 149229 most challenging and interesting experiences in their long, arduous adventure. Near Billings Montana From July 13th to July 26th, 1806, near Billings Montana, Captain William Clark’s exploration team watched as smoke billowed intorepparttar 149230 deep blue Montana sky fromrepparttar 149231 neighboring Crow nation. While floating downrepparttar 149232 Yellowstone River, Clark went ashore and carved his name on a giant sandstone pillar he named “Pompy’s Tower in honor of Sacagawea’s young baby. Nearby at Buffalo Mirage Access they constructed two canoes to continue their trip downrepparttar 149233 Yellowstone River. From there they traveled onward via a 149 mile segment from what is now Kipp State Park, upstream to Fort Benton. For those wanting an exciting vacation in beautiful Montana, this route has changed little since Lewis and Clark explored it in 1805 and 1806. Commercial boat trips are available for interested vacationers. In June 1805,repparttar 149234 explorers made camp for nine days alongrepparttar 149235 Marias River and determined thatrepparttar 149236 Marias is notrepparttar 149237 main tributary ofrepparttar 149238 Missouri river. Vacationers will find an interpretive sign, nearby in Loma, Montana. Visitors torepparttar 149239 historic town of Fort Benton will find an impressive statue of Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea and her son. The Bureau of Land Management there also has a visitor center featuringrepparttar 149240 explorers. The Two Medicine Fight Sight, which may be accessed by gaining permission fromrepparttar 149241 private landowner, isrepparttar 149242 site where Meriwether Lewis and three of his men fought with eight members ofrepparttar 149243 Blackfoot Indian tribe. Lewis’s men killed two ofrepparttar 149244 Blackfoot Warriors. Another stop forrepparttar 149245 Lewis and Clark Expedition,repparttar 149246 interestingly named Camp Disappointment, isrepparttar 149247 northernmost point reached byrepparttar 149248 explorers on their exploration ofrepparttar 149249 Marias River. Montana Vacationers will find an interpretive sign for this site on U.S. Highway 2, about 22 miles west of Cut Bank. Here also, access is allowed through private property. For those vacationers wishing to stay, local realtors may have listings for beautiful home sites on these historic lands.

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