Music For Self Improvement

Written by Steve Gillman

Would you like to pop in a CD and have a better quality of life, and even self improvement? There are three ways you can use music to accomplish this.

Music For Motivation

Put on energetic music, and even doing housework seems less like work. Using music to motivate yourself or change your mood is an area where you can trust your experience and experimentation. When you findrepparttar msic that energizes you, relaxes you, or makes you happy, keep it ready for when you need it.

Music For Intelligence

Music creates neural pathways in your brain that stimulate creativity. Studies show that music trainsrepparttar 142988 brain for higher forms of thinking. In one study, three-year-olds were split into two groups. The first had no special training in, or exposure to music. The second group studied piano and sang daily in chorus.

Eight months laterrepparttar 142989 musical three-year-olds were much better at solving puzzles. They also scored 80% higher in spatial intelligence thanrepparttar 142990 other group. There's also anectdotal evidence that listening to music, especially from Mozart's era, can help you study and learn better.

Hopefully there will be more research. Inrepparttar 142991 meantime there's no reason not to do your own experimentation. I've heard that Stephen King writes with loud rock music playing, sorepparttar 142992 benefits of music may be according to your own tastes or brain-organization.

Put Your Sexy On!

Written by Joi Sigers

You, lucky you, have a really big night coming up. Maybe it's a first date with someone you've had your eyes on for awhile. Maybe it's someone you've been dating and want to turnrepparttar heat up with. Or maybe it's a spouse and you want to let them know that they still move your world.

Whomever it is, you want to hit them with your sexiest look, hit them so hard they'll reel from it. Simply put, you want to put your sexy on!

First things first, be sure you're magnificently clean, well groomed and subtly smelling sensational. Wear something you're comfortable in, that fits your body and is appropriate for where you're going and who you are.

Now you're ready to put onrepparttar 142987 sexiest thing you can wear. It isn'trepparttar 142988 hot clothes,repparttar 142989 hair, or evenrepparttar 142990 shoes. It's confidence, and if you leave home without it, you'd be better off not leaving home at all.

The sexiest thing anyone can have ON is confidence.

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