Muscle and Fitness -- The Second Key To Successfully Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Written by Tony Farrell

Lets discuss Muscle and Fitness -- The Second Key To Successfully Achieving Your Fitness Goals. But just before that, I'd like to remind you about whatrepparttar previous article discussed.

In a previous article called: "Muscle and Fitness -- The First Key To Achieving Your Goals", you were given ten steps to follow. If you haven't received this article, I suggest you read that before this one here, as it will make what I'm talking a little clearer.

You can access that article here:

In summary, that article discussedrepparttar 141248 first key --repparttar 141249 'HAVE' key. This is where you identify your muscle and fitness goals.

There are stillrepparttar 141250 'BE' and 'DO' keys to go. Which brings me torepparttar 141251 second key --

The 'DO' Key:

This isrepparttar 141252 action key. The one that gets you to do what is necessary to make things happen.

So what you need to do is first identify what your goals are. Decide exactly what you want to achieve and then chooserepparttar 141253 necessary actionable steps to achieve those goals.

Inrepparttar 141254 first key,repparttar 141255 HAVE key, you went through a process that helped (or will help) you in deciding what you want. Maybe it was to lose weight or gain mass muscle, or whatever.

The point is that you know what you want to get out of your training routine before commencingrepparttar 141256 routine that suits your goals.

Assuming you have gone throughrepparttar 141257 HAVE key, it's time to go throughrepparttar 141258 DO key and structure your bodybuilding workout routine, or fitness routine, around your goals.

So lets do that, shall we?

1. Reviewrepparttar 141259 work you did inrepparttar 141260 HAVE key. In other words, look atrepparttar 141261 index card (postcard) you created that identified your exact goals.

2. Read them. As you do so, feel them. Imagine performing a specific exercise that would be most beneficial for that particular goal. See it happen, as if it is actually happening.

What exercise would berepparttar 141262 most effective one in helping you achieve that specific goal?

Once you have decided which exercise to use, write it down.

3. Now move ontorepparttar 141263 next goal on that card. Go throughrepparttar 141264 motions that you just did in number two above. Feel it. See it.

How good do you feel?

Now, which exercise will be most effective for that specific goal?

Write it down just belowrepparttar 141265 first one.


Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

This is a “what has worked very, very well for me” article. Reasons I wish to share these tips include: (1) forrepparttar last 15 years I have not been sick or experienced more than a slight cold, nor do I take any prescription medications; (2) I have a lot of friends, both older and younger than me, who have suffered from many illnesses and diseases. I believe that if my friends would follow similar health practices that I do, many would see improved results in their own health; and (3)repparttar 141146 internet provides me with an opportunity to share this information, without anyone feeling obligated to read it or to utilize my suggestions.

I do not claim to have allrepparttar 141147 answers or practicerepparttar 141148 “perfect” diet and exercise plan. I realize that a person’s genetic inheritance and environment can also influence a person’s health. However, I believe that most people would benefit by implementing suggestions in this article.

Here is a PLAN for generally pretty good health, as I see it.

1.Prevention is a lot better than a cure. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier than trying to get over any kind of disease. 2.Balanced living is important. Not all work, not all play. Not too much stress. Some meaningful socializing, but also meaningful time alone with God. Some service to doing good and helping others, but not so much as to consume all your quality time with God, your family and your friends. 3.Eating habits. Lots of fruits & vegetables. Raw foods everyday. Leaf lettuce and Romaine are much healthier than head lettuce. Raw foods are important as they add enzymes that assist in digestion. Several helpings of fruits and veggies daily will help your health. 4.Good elimination daily. Consume plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water.

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