Murder Follows Martin Luther King Assassination

Written by Gary Revel

Imagine your investigating a controversial murder. Inrepparttar midst of your investigation your 19 year old brother, Ray Fillingame, is found hanging inrepparttar 132389 garage of your mother's home. He was murdered by 2 men who were seen carrying him outrepparttar 132390 back door ofrepparttar 132391 house and intorepparttar 132392 garage where my mother finds him hanging from a rafter shortly. The police say that it's a suicide and forcefully persuade you to stop asking questions about it. You talk to your cousin's husband aboutrepparttar 132393 investigation at your brother's funeral. Within a few days your cousin's husband (Ivan Riley) is murdered. A couple of months later

How Long Will America Last With Hordes of Illegals Flooding In

Written by Gary Revel

The numbers of illegal aliens in all of America continue to swell byrepparttar use of drop houses and corrupt government officials in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Even many of those whose job it is to capture and deport illegals are often sympathetic to their plight because of cultural connections. Police departments as well as Federal agents admit that they don't have enough manpower to deal withrepparttar 132387 problem and when some of their own don't try to do their job well then what can they really do? Then there are those times when even law officers are sometimes forbidden even to ask if someone is here illegally. This kind of soft handed approach to people who are here illegally is misguided to sayrepparttar 132388 least.

Illegals continue to come and others are brought into this country by smugglers. Many are held in drop houses until they are able to pay fees allowing them to be released intorepparttar 132389 general population. There are so many illegals inrepparttar 132390 United States that they just blend in and find jobs and connections to anytown USA. How many of these are terrorists with plans to kill Americans is unclear but it should not make anyone feel easy about it to know that law enforcement doesn't seem to be able to do anything to decreaserepparttar 132391 flow.

Many illegals work and live in America with family and friends embedded in governmental departments. These sympathetic souls often breakrepparttar 132392 law for their illegal cousins using various methods learned from years of hiding illegals and eventually finding ways to make them part of their network withrepparttar 132393 goal of eventually taking over America.

Todayrepparttar 132394 war against America is more relevant and acute than it has been sincerepparttar 132395 War Betweenrepparttar 132396 States. How long this country can surviverepparttar 132397 attacks coming from every direction is anybody's guess. It may eventually take more thanrepparttar 132398 Patriot Act to save America. Thousands of streets across America have areas where groups of illegal aliens stand around waiting for someone to drive up and hire them. They normally work for cash without any legal safeguards or protections and of course no paper trail forrepparttar 132399 government to find out what they did and how much they were paid. This is a daily practice in Los Angeles California as well as hundreds of other cities and towns throughoutrepparttar 132400 United States.

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