Murder As Government Policy

Written by Ed Howes

Dear Governor Blagojevich,

May we daily increase in wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

I am writing to commend you onrepparttar compassion you have shownrepparttar 113504 children of Illinois and to ask if a former prosecutor could possibly find similar compassion for an equally defenseless prison population.

The abuse and neglect of prisoners beyond public view would seem to be a matter unrelated to political ambitions. This isrepparttar 113505 case insofar thatrepparttar 113506 public remains ignorant ofrepparttar 113507 crimes committed against prisoners byrepparttar 113508 State inrepparttar 113509 name of justice, punishment and public safety.

Becauserepparttar 113510 majority of any state's prisoners release to society in poor physical and mental health, quietly enraged byrepparttar 113511 mistreatment they have experienced; and because those who have served longer sentences have become socially dysfunctional, they are much more a danger torepparttar 113512 public. They will more likely re offend and do so in a violent manner. Prisoner mistreatment is simply bad and costly policy. Many a governor has little idea concerningrepparttar 113513 extent of this problem.

Illinois prisoner Jimmy Kinslow, B-67033, is an example more likely typical than isolated. He is a very close friend of mine, I have been writing since 1988. I have been witnessing his execution forrepparttar 113514 past two years. He is being murdered by deliberate medical abuse and neglect. Upon his death, I may press charges of negligent homicide. I will certainly write and publish his story, because I am so certain this crime is widespread throughout America.

In his attempt to get badly needed medical treatment, he has filed suit for judicial remedy. That suit documentsrepparttar 113515 first round of medical abuses. As a punishment for filing this suit, he has been further abused and neglected. He is now filing a second lawsuit in his effort to save his life and is trying to obtain outside assistance.

Underrepparttar 113516 care ofrepparttar 113517 State of Illinois, his liver has nearly been destroyed by Hepatitis C Virus. His immune system is dysfunctional. His maltreatment has created an intestinal bacterial infection so severe, he has had constant diarrhea since September, 2003. He is dehydrated and starving. Two rounds of treatment with antibiotics failed to help. Food quality and quantity has been reduced as a cost saving measure byrepparttar 113518 State and he is now vomiting regularly also. He needs a specific medical diet, if he is to haverepparttar 113519 slightest chance of recovery. Every request for such has been denied.

The Prison Mirror (part of Prison Series)

Written by Ed Howes

The true measure of social consciousness is prisons. They tell more about society than any travelogue possibly could. They arerepparttar product of ignorance as a tradition and undeniable social regression. Send a law breaker to prison and convert him to a vicious vengeful beast. Then send him back where he came from. Letrepparttar 113503 taxpayer suffer from his crime. Letrepparttar 113504 taxpayer pay for his maintenance and conversion. Letrepparttar 113505 taxpayer support his family. Let his children grow up with no father. See if they dare follow in his footsteps. Letrepparttar 113506 taxpayer pay for any feeble attempt at his rehabilitation. Letrepparttar 113507 taxpayer bearrepparttar 113508 cost of every crime he commits after release, his arrest, and trial(s). Then repeatrepparttar 113509 whole process. Prisons everywhere are no less than government sponsored war on society. The least valuable social creation ever devised.

Their primary social function is to strike fear inrepparttar 113510 hearts of society at large. If you don't eat your spinach, you will end up in prison. If you don't obey every rulerepparttar 113511 professional rule makers invent, day in, day out, you will go to prison. Making punishments fit crimes is beyondrepparttar 113512 creative powers of bureaucracy. Instead, they chooserepparttar 113513 humiliation and degradation of caging and totally controllingrepparttar 113514 life of a lawbreaker. To a lesser extent, they dorepparttar 113515 same to all who care about him. They discourage telephone communication, meaningful financial support and visitation. Insiderepparttar 113516 prison walls they heap punishment upon punishment, because simply caging people is too good for them, no matter whatrepparttar 113517 crime.

While we are at it, we ought to take a look at crime itself andrepparttar 113518 reasons for its increase. I'm only guessing and my guess is that ten times more behaviors are crimes and felonies than were so inrepparttar 113519 year 1900. That is, bureaucracies are inrepparttar 113520 business of creating crime. Such bureaucracies sincerely believe they are being paid to modify human behavior. They are runningrepparttar 113521 ultimate social experiment, whererepparttar 113522 result is seldom questioned. One punishment fits every crime they can create.

A man is imprisoned for theft and released with murder on his mind and in his heart. That's progressive! Society can think of nothing better because society doesn't think at all. Society closes its eyes and turns its back. Society doesn't want to know about life inrepparttar 113523 cages, which is in reality, slow death. Take a man's life one day at a time. Then turn him loose and see how he does. Emptyrepparttar 113524 country's zoos and see howrepparttar 113525 animals do. Prisons testify of man's inhumanity as well as war does. President Bush threatens American justice on his enemies. See it at Guantanamo Bay or uprepparttar 113526 road from where you live. American and justice cannot be properly used inrepparttar 113527 same sentence. Americans know less about justice than any other subject, save mercy and responsibility. Blind obedience is their forte. Prisons arerepparttar 113528 expressions ofrepparttar 113529 very ugliest Americans and they all support prisons without question.

I have heard vague rumblings of a new compassion in an effort to lower government "justice" costs. The Governor of Arizona is considering stiff fines for driving underrepparttar 113530 influence of alcohol, instead of confinement, which leaves whole families without support. Make a "criminal" pay (Us) instead ofrepparttar 113531 taxpayer. There is a novel idea. I've heard a number of bureaucracies are looking at treating drug addicts instead of locking them away.

The Bible deals quite extensively with crime and punishment, but then, what would God know? Property crimes are punished by restitution and multiple restitution, depending on whetherrepparttar 113532 loss interferes withrepparttar 113533 victim's livelihood. There is a silly idea, huh? The greatest growth industry in this great land ofrepparttar 113534 free is locking people away. Can it be that America only pays lip service torepparttar 113535 whole idea of liberty? I believe so. It is too much like justice to really get a handle onrepparttar 113536 meaning of freedom.

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