Multiplying Sales As A Writer

Written by L. C. Peterson

Often, time is an enemy of writers. Sales seem slow and checks too small. How does one makerepparttar most of their effort? Here are some tips that will multiply your sales.

1. Companies accepting manuscripts from freelancers offer copies of their writing guidelines and sample copies. Assume there's a reason for them. Study them. Study their web sites as well. What do they tell you aboutrepparttar 127264 publication's readers? The Internet will save you much postage and time from when I started.

2. Think ahead. Lead times for publication are rarely short. Writers' guidelines often teach Christmas is in July. Lead times can be shorter forrepparttar 127265 Internet. Learn what they are. Submit accordingly.

3. Take advantage of your research. Write more than one manuscript forrepparttar 127266 same effort. This adds to your productivity. Interviewing a camp director? Write a feature article on how to select a camp for more than one market. Write a filler article. Write an article on finding work at a camp.

Three Easy Ways to Keep Customers

Written by Lisa Lake

It is far more easy, and less expensive, to keep customers than to try and get new ones. So even though your company relies on adding to its customer base, don't makerepparttar mistake of only investing in new customers! Here are some strategies that will help you retain your customers and will even get them to purchase more of your company's products and services.

Make it easy for customers to give you feedback. Probably one ofrepparttar 127263 most profitable activities you can engage in is to hear your customer's complaints and other comments. Provide customer support as quickly as possible. If you are unable to fix a problem right away, assurerepparttar 127264 customer that you are working on it and promise to provide regular progress reports. Make sure you keep your promise!

It is beneficial to learn how to comfort angry customers. Allowrepparttar 127265 customer to vent. Assure them that you understand his or her feelings. Find out exactly what they want and suggest a solution or see what he or she would consider to be fair. Follow-up withrepparttar 127266 customer to ensure that they are satisfied. Keep in mind that it'srepparttar 127267 customers who have had problems who becomerepparttar 127268 most loyal when their problems are handled effectively.

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