Multiple Site Hosting - Stop paying more than what's necessary

Written by Brian Thorn

If you are looking for multiple site hosting in a web host package, you have plenty of options. There are literally dozens of web hosting companies that advertise multiple site hosting options. But what can you expect from these companies and what is it likely to cost? The cost will vary greatly, but there are lots of web hosts that advertise a web hosting package for less than $10 per month. What to expect from a web host depends largely onrepparttar host. Services, like price, will vary. Your specific needs will determine what you should expect from a web host service.

If one of your important requirements is multiple site hosting in a web host package, you should first determine exactly what you expectrepparttar 142287 company to provide. It's probably a fairly simple matter to have a single company sell you a web host package for each ofrepparttar 142288 websites you plan to maintain. In some cases, you might find that a company offers discounts for having more than one website package.

In some cases, finding a company that can offer multiple site hosting in a web host package means that you want to maintain several websites on a single account. Some companies offer to provide that service at no additional charge. Others have a "per website" rate and will charge extra for each website maintained. You might want to look for a web host package that offers a specific amount of space for a specific price, and that price remains fixed for that amount of space even if multiple websites are established withinrepparttar 142289 set criteria.

Are You A Virtual Consultant?

Written by Michael DeVries

Are You a Virtual Consultant?

You donít know? (Iíll bet you are and just donít know it yet ;))

Letís find out here together, ok?

I guess we should start with Ö

What isrepparttar actual definition of a "Virtual Consultant"?

And you all are always welcome to disagree, add to, comment on, my opinions of how I would define a "Virtual Consultant", ok? ...

But, here goes ...

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