Multiple Income Streams: avoiding Starving Artist Syndrome

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: The key to success as a creative or for anyone, is multiple income streams.

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Multiple Income Streams: avoiding Starving Artist Syndrome

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If you're a creative,repparttar 129412 chances are high that if someone is making a buck from your talents, it's not you. We writers, artists and designers aren't good negotiators. We love our work, and we're happy that someone wants to pay us for it. It takes us a while to realize that while everyone else is doing nicely from our work, we're not.

The answer to Starving Artist Syndrome is: Multiple Income Streams.

How would that work? Some ideas ----

If you're a writer, you could:

* work on a novel (your primary work and source of income) as well as

* write articles for magazines and newsletters, and

* write a children's book, and

* write greeting card material.

If you're a Web designer, you could:

* develop Web sites (your primary source of income), and

* create logos and stationery for businesses, and

* create images for greeting cards, and

* host client Web sites.

If you're a photographer, you could:

* do advertising photography (primary income source), and

* take stock photos for image libraries, and

* take glamour shots at beauty salons, and

* take photos of homes for up-market realtors.

If you're thinking: "Yes, that's great, but won't I be spreading myself too thin?"repparttar 129413 answer is yes, if you try to do all of this at once. You develop your Multiple Income Streams over time. Estimate that it will take a year to get them all happening. What these Multiple Income Streams will do for you, when you get them moving, is smooth out your work and cash flow.

When work is slow on your primary income stream, you work to market that one, but also develop another. Your goal is to have at least FOUR income streams. With four sources of cash, all four won't be going through a slump atrepparttar 129414 same time. Nor will they all be equally busy atrepparttar 129415 same time. You'll have enough work to keep yourself busy, and cash coming in regularly.


Written by Craig Lock

* Write something every day. DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION isrepparttar key to eventual writing success, I believe. Also practice makes "purrfect".

*Always remember, that getting published takes commitment and hard work. PERSISTENCE and PATIENCE too are vital ingredients inrepparttar 129411 mix.

* Treat your writing as a career, as you would a "normal" job. Throw yourself into it with "gay" abandon and reckless enthusiasm.

* Be open-minded and be open to criticism. As in...

"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown away with great force." - Dorothy Parker HOWEVER, other people can give you ideas about your work and be subjective about it. I believe that most people genuinely want to help you get ahead, so don't take comments too personally.

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