Multilingual Interactive Car Manual in Mercedes Benz and Quality Mercedes Benz Parts at Partstrain

Written by Jenny Mc Lane

A completely new way of bringingrepparttar operating instructions of a car torepparttar 136928 customer is now available by integrating an interactive manual intorepparttar 136929 car’s COMAND APS system. The car owner can now consultrepparttar 136930 operating manual right inrepparttar 136931 driver's seat throughrepparttar 136932 personal communications system.

Bowne Global Solutions (BGS) and Daimler Chrysler AG pioneeredrepparttar 136933 system, which equates to a 2000 page hard copy manual. They have started to introducerepparttar 136934 product acrossrepparttar 136935 German, English, French, Italian and Spanish markets. Bowne’s experience inrepparttar 136936 localization of interactive projects effected our decision to award themrepparttar 136937 localization ofrepparttar 136938 interactive COMAND operating instructions forrepparttar 136939 E-class,” affirmed Guntram Büchler, responsible for Production Design Customer Information at DaimlerChrysler.

An interactive, in-depth and completely multi-media format inrepparttar 136940 driver's manual on DVD providesrepparttar 136941 driver with operating instructions. The days of a driver being obliged to read hundreds of pages to be familiar with his car are over. Animated film aids in bringing life torepparttar 136942 vehicle with its navigator buttons, which allowrepparttar 136943 driver to findrepparttar 136944 information quickly without wearily leafing through a manual.

Honda Replacement Parts That Fit the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

Written by Jenny McLane

After a long wait, now comes a hybrid car that delivers more power and less gas,repparttar 2005 omatic climate control system, leather-trimmed interior, heated front seats and a driver's seat with 8-way power adjustment. Honda Accord Hybrid makes it inrepparttar 136927 right time when there is a worldwide clamor for fuel efficiency and clean air.

The Honda Accord again made it torepparttar 136928 prestigious 2005 "10 Best" list award of Car and Driver Magazine for suitability, intended purpose andrepparttar 136929 ability to satisfy discriminating drivers. In January 2005, Autobytel has also awardedrepparttar 136930 Accord withrepparttar 136931 "2004 Consumer Choice Award" for beingrepparttar 136932 most requested by Autobytel's online automobile shoppers duringrepparttar 136933 year. According to Autobytel's Web site, "Few other vehicles have capturedrepparttar 136934 combination of practicality, fun, value and affordability as successfully asrepparttar 136935 Accord."

The Accord has a powerful, 255-hp, 3.0-liter, i-VTEC® V-6 engine with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA™) , dual-zone hybrid aut

Its exterior has exclusive black chrome front grille. Fromrepparttar 136936 rear,repparttar 136937 unique tailgate design and new XM® antenna are both attractive and functional, whilerepparttar 136938 exclusive lightweight alloy wheel design provide sporty look to this visually captivating, four-door sedan. An exclusive rear spoiler and aerodynamic 16-inch alloy wheels give yourepparttar 136939 sporty look you need for a car built on performance.

A look atrepparttar 136940 Accord's interior treats you to leather seats; automatic climate control system, remote entry system and an 8-way power driver's seat. It is also equipped with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition as an option.

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