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Written by Holly Janion

You've launched your affiliate program and everything is in place to track your affiliate sales. Affiliates are signing up but aren't making as many sales as you might have hoped for. You know it's not your product as you're still making sales yourself. So what's wrong? Why isn't Mr Affiliate making sales?

You must remember that Mr Affiliate is not only your affiliate, but has more than likely joined numerous other affiliate programs onrepparttar Internet. He obviously joined your program because he liked it, your product or service andrepparttar 102593 compensation plan. But time moves very fast inrepparttar 102594 Internet world and before Mr Affiliate has most probably even started marketing your site properly, he may have even joined yet another affiliate program that appealed to him.

There is certainly no shortage of affiliate programs onrepparttar 102595 Internet that are free and easy to join. Mr Affiliate wants to make money, that's why he joined your program. Unfortunately Mr Affiliate may not understand Internet marketing as well as you do. He may simply insert your banner onto his site and wait for sales.

So both of you are sitting there waiting for Mr Affiliate to start making sales. That's your problem. This is a real shame. Mr Affiliate is obviously available, willing and able and if only he knew what to do, would gladly do it and that's down to you. You need to train Mr Affiliate right away. You can't wait for Mr Affiliate to get motivated, you need to train Mr Affiliate. You can't afford to be complacent. The most successful affiliate programs do well because they have trained their affiliates. Their affiliates understandrepparttar 102596 program fully, they are supported and are kept in touch with. While you're sitting around waiting for Mr Affiliate to make a sale for you, he is being motivated by other affiliate programs and making sales for them.

Here are some practical steps to training Mr Affiliate.

1. Explain your program thoroughly before Mr Affiliate joins and include clear Terms and Conditions. This is your first opportunity to present your affiliate program benefits and compensation plan. Let your affiliates know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. 2. Make sure you have numerous banners of different sizes and also text links with clear and easy to understand code. Your affiliates have different web sites, different designs, and different color schemes so make sure you give them enough choice to insert a suitable banner.

8 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commission

Written by Toon Chooi Tan

1) Collect your visitor email addresses by providing free reports.

Offer a free report to your visitor. This report should provide helpful and valuable information. This will enable you to collect your visitors email address and follow up with them. Use an autoresponder to automate this work for you.

Some of them are: 2) Publish your own newsletter;

Publishing your own ezine and building up your subscriber base. Most ofrepparttar successful Marketing Gurus have a large subscriber base. The reason is simple, "The Gold Is In The List". Successful Marketers like Terry Dean, Jim Daniels etc have been successful in using this technique. The list server you can use are

3)Write your own endorsement or reviewrepparttar 102592 product you're promoting.

A heartfelt honest testimonial is hands downrepparttar 102593 best way to get a prospect to buy. Your prospect wants to know how this product has ben helping you. This will help them to makerepparttar 102594 decision to buy.

4)Use your web site 404 (Error) page.

Even though we try to build a perfect web site, sometimes something may be missing without our being aware of it. That's whyrepparttar 102595 software may still have bugs even after being tested a few times. Check with your web hosting company to see if you can customiserepparttar 102596 error page. In my case, I use my error page to promote Marlon's products. I put uprepparttar 102597 ebook cover andrepparttar 102598 ad onrepparttar 102599 error page. Whenever someone is looking for a page that is missing or mistypesrepparttar 102600 name, this page will help me to promote Marlon's products .

5) Fully utilize your thank you page .

Afterrepparttar 102601 visitor opts in to your mailing list, redirect them to a thank you page where you can recommend your affiliate product. Yanik Silver is using this technique; Afterrepparttar 102602 visitor submits their email forrepparttar 102603 report, they will be redirected torepparttar 102604 thank you page. Inrepparttar 102605 thank you page, Yanik will recommend a few products to his prospect. However, Marlon and some other Marketers prefer to sell 1 product at one time, which they believe it is more effective and less confusing. You can test these 2 methods by using a simple java script so thatrepparttar 102606 thank you page will be rotated. One is with a single product recommendation andrepparttar 102607 other page will be for multiple product recommendations. Test it out to see which one gives you a higher conversion rate.

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