Written by Matt Reider

A Few Words About Hostelling

Hostels are generally fantastic places to be. The people who are there are passionate about travelling, there is lots of camaraderie and a strong sense of community between travellers. It is inrepparttar hostel, not a guidebook that you will found outrepparttar 144916 best places to go, great places to get discounts at and loads of other tips about what is worthrepparttar 144917 money and what isn’t. It is also common for groups of people to travel together for a few days after meeting at a hostel.

This relaxed, communal atmosphere does not mean, however, that you can be completely naive about leaving your stuff in plain sight. If you are going to be out for long periods ofrepparttar 144918 day, it is probably best to buy a PacSafe. This is essentially a slash-proof wire net that you can lock around your pack so pesky fingers cannot explore while you’re out onrepparttar 144919 town.

Older hostels generally offer dorm style rooms separated by sex butrepparttar 144920 trend is for most modern hostels to offer single, double and four-bedded accommodation as well. Private accommodation is more expensive but having a room to yourself can be a luxurious treat, especially whenrepparttar 144921 thought of having another nights sleep interrupted by selection fromrepparttar 144922 Snoring Chorus is enough to bring on a nervous breakdown.

It is traditional for hostels to ask their guests to help withrepparttar 144923 some chores during their stay. Most city hostels just ask you to put your linen inrepparttar 144924 laundry but some rural hostels will expect more of a commitment. If you have completely blown your budget, it is possible to negotiate a free night’s accommodation in exchange for doing some extra housekeeping chores. Don’t count on this every night however, or you’ll end up spending your entire vacation doing dishes.

Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower – Links to Our Past Guide, Part 1

Written by Cliff Calderwood

Plimoth Plantation andrepparttar Mayflower II ship are major attractions in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Authentic yet entertainingrepparttar 144915 two are links to our past andrepparttar 144916 102 passengers that survivedrepparttar 144917 journey across stormy seas.

Many timesrepparttar 144918 bad storms ofrepparttar 144919 North Atlantic forcedrepparttar 144920 crew to take downrepparttar 144921 sails and just letrepparttar 144922 winds blowrepparttar 144923 ship wherever it wanted. During one brutal storm one ofrepparttar 144924 Mayflower main beams cracked andrepparttar 144925 sailors where convinced they’d have to turn back.

Butrepparttar 144926 journey continued and because of itrepparttar 144927 world was forever changed.

No, this is not really a history lesson, butrepparttar 144928 first of two articles about two unique experiences of US history you can have during your New England vacations.

This first article coversrepparttar 144929 area of Plymouth Plantation, andrepparttar 144930 second inrepparttar 144931 series covers Sturbridge Village.

The Mayflower voyage of 1620 took 66 days after leaving Plymouth, England on September 6, and anchoring in present day Provincetown harbor in Cape Cod on November 11, 1620. Miraculously only one passenger died onrepparttar 144932 voyage.

The Pilgrims decided Cape Cod was not a suitable place for a settlement, and forced north because ofrepparttar 144933 weather and dangerous shoals south of Cape Cod,repparttar 144934 pilgrims finally came ashore in late November in present day Plymouth center.

That first winter at Plimoth Plantation decimatedrepparttar 144935 settlers due to cold and disease. Ofrepparttar 144936 102 that came ashore only 52 were left inrepparttar 144937 spring.

The native Wampanoag men showedrepparttar 144938 survivors how to plant corn and in October 1621repparttar 144939 Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest at Plymouth Plantation. Later generations would recognizerepparttar 144940 significance ofrepparttar 144941 harvest by setting aside a special day that we now call Thanksgiving. And this day, more than any other in our calendar, binds every American to that fateful voyage in 1620.

And you can relive and feel this spirit andrepparttar 144942 early days of settlement at Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II replica. Both located inrepparttar 144943 coastal town of Plymouth, a city about 40 miles south of Boston and an easy ride on Route 3 south.

Plymouth Plantation is a 1627 Pilgrim authentic village a few miles outside ofrepparttar 144944 city but close torepparttar 144945 highway and well sign-posted.

An orientation movie and collection of artifacts greet you atrepparttar 144946 Henry Hornblower Visitor Center. Plimoth plantation itself is a loop tour with two primary sites,repparttar 144947 1627 Pilgrim Village andrepparttar 144948 Hobbamock’s (Wampanoag) Homesite. The stroll fromrepparttar 144949 museum down torepparttar 144950 main village passes by a craft center and crop fields.

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