Mow & Edge, The Basics of Lawn Care

Written by Jack Stone

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Speed. Accuracy. Efficiency. For anyone who has a lot of lawns to mow these three things are very important.

Speed. Gettingrepparttar 100184 job done as quickly as possible. The faster you can do a job,repparttar 100185 more jobs you have time to do.

Accuracy. Doingrepparttar 100186 job rightrepparttar 100187 first time you do it. Having to do part of a job over wastes time.

Efficiency. Doing all parts of a job in a logical, convenient order, as well as usingrepparttar 100188 right tool or a better tool.

Let's apply these ideas to mowing and trimming a lawn. If you are like most gardenersrepparttar 100189 first thing you probably do when you arrive at a customer's house is mowrepparttar 100190 lawn. Next, you edge and/or line trim it. Mow and edge, that's what its called isn't it? Yes, butrepparttar 100191 procedure is not efficient.

The edger isrepparttar 100192 first tool you should use. It's used for trimming along hard edges such as sidewalks and driveways. It's more accurate and leaves fewer divots than a line trimmer. With a proper length blade and an established edge,repparttar 100193 edger is also faster than a line trimmer.

Next, userepparttar 100194 line trimmer. Use this tool in such a way as to causerepparttar 100195 trimmed grass to be thrown ontorepparttar 100196 lawn and not into beds, groundcover, and shrubbery. The line trimmer isrepparttar 100197 messiest ofrepparttar 100198 grass cutting tools you use.

Finally, mow. Not only will your lawn mower pick up grass from its own activity, but it will collect a good deal ofrepparttar 100199 trimmings created byrepparttar 100200 edger and line trimmer. This saves you raking, sweeping, and blowing time.

Some other ideas: Edgerepparttar 100201 entire perimeter of a lawn withrepparttar 100202 edger. Edge along hard edges as well as beds and tree wells. Since an edger cuts deeper intorepparttar 100203 soil than a line trimmer it's more efficient at cutting stolons or runners on such grasses as Bermuda and Kikuyu. An edger can also create a clean crisp straight edge along beds. This is much more attractive thanrepparttar 100204 typical wavy edge left by a line trimmer.

Don't let grass grow up against fence boards, walls, or plants. By maintaining a narrow edge with your edger or line trimmer you can prevent damage to these features as well as using less line.

IvorylikeSholapith Sculptures from India

Written by Som Chaudhury

Inrepparttar past, collectors have been fascinated with sculptures of pure white Ivory without knowingrepparttar 100183 damage it caused to our eco-system. Luckily governments of a number of nations have banned Ivory trade altogether.

Craftsmen from eastern India had been crafting beautiful items of SholaPith (lookalikes of Ivory) since ages. It is only recently that Sholapith items have got international recognition for its beauty, eco-friendliness and superb craftsmanship. Shola pith is a milky-white sponge-wood that is carved into delicate and beautiful objects of art only in a few states of India. Shola is a plant, growing in marshy waterlogged areas of eastern Indian States commonly referred to as eastern marshy Gangetic plains. It is unbelievable that this plant grows nowhere else inrepparttar 100184 world. The biological name of Shola is Aeschynomene Indica and it is an herbaceous plant. The Sholapith isrepparttar 100185 cortex or core of this plant.

The finest examples of craftsmanship are seen on images of gods and goddesses on festivals, especiallyrepparttar 100186 massive decorative backdrops made for "Durga-Puja" celebrations. Thousands of craftsmen spend months working on each piece and every details is meticulously worked out.The color of Shola is pure white and beautiful IVORY look alike sculptures have started decorating Western homes in Europe and America very recently. The shola crafts have flowery designs, decorative head-wears of gods and goddesses, garlands etc. You also find exquisite figurines like faces of gods and goddesses, elephants, peacock-boats, palanquins, wall hangings and a number of home decorations made of sholapith.

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