Moving Tips

Written by Madan "Raja" Ahluwalia

Moving Tips: Easingrepparttar Transition to Your New Home

Userepparttar 136014 right boxes, and pack them carefully

Professional moving companies use only sturdy, reinforced cartons. The boxes you can get at your neighborhood supermarket or liquor store might be free, but they are not nearly as strong or padded, and so can't shield your valuables as well from harm in transit.

Use sheets, blankets, pillows and towels to separate pictures and other fragile objects from each other andrepparttar 136015 sides ofrepparttar 136016 carton. Pack plates and glass objects vertically, rather than flat and stacked.

Be sure to point out to your moverrepparttar 136017 boxes in which you've packed fragile items, especially if those items are exceptionally valuable. The mover will advise you whether those valuables need to be repacked in sturdier, more appropriate boxes.

The heavierrepparttar 136018 item,repparttar 136019 smallerrepparttar 136020 box it should occupy. A good rule of thumb is if you can't liftrepparttar 136021 carton easily, it's too heavy. Label your boxes, especiallyrepparttar 136022 one containing sheets and towels, so you can find everything you needrepparttar 136023 first night in your new home.

For your family's safety and comfort

Teach your children your new address. Let them practice writing it on packed cartons. You can lighten your load and reduce any storage space you need to rent by hosting a garage or yard sale.

Fill two "OPEN ME FIRST" cartons containing snacks, instant coffee or tea bags, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste and brushes, medicine and toiletry items (make sure caps are tightly secured), flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups and utensils, a pan or two, paper towels, and any other items your family can't do without. Ask your van foreman to load one of these boxes, so that it will be unloaded at your new home first. Whyrepparttar 136024 second box? In caserepparttar 136025 movers are delayed getting to your house onrepparttar 136026 day ofrepparttar 136027 move.

A Few Points About Interest Rates

Written by Madan "Raja" Ahluwalia

A Few Points About Interest Rates

Less is more

If you're new to investing or real estate and don't knowrepparttar first thing about interest rates, here's a good tip:repparttar 136013 higherrepparttar 136014 interest rate,repparttar 136015 more expensive it's going to be. High interest rates mean you will have to pay back more onrepparttar 136016 money you borrow. Another good rule of thumb is that affordability increases if you use an adjustable rate mortgage (it's easier to qualify this way). Of course, there will be a wide range of prices that you can choose from, depending on what kind of financing you choose.

Not evenrepparttar 136017 Fed knows for sure

The Fed holds a considerable amount of power, but they can't control everything. Mortgage interest rates are affected by many unpredictable political, economic and social events. So there is no guarantee what direction interest rates will go, despiterepparttar 136018 forecasts ofrepparttar 136019 experts. Therefore, make your financial decision based on where things are today including your budget, your needs and your future plans.

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