Movie Review - Shrek 2

Written by Chris N. Fernando

The film opens with Shrek (voiced over by Mike Myers) and his beloved (now turned into an Ogre) Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) enjoying themselves on their honeymoon at sand-kissed beaches. Returning from their romantic idyll, Shrek and Princess Fiona are summoned by Fiona's parents,repparttar king (John Cleese) and queen (Julie Andrews) ofrepparttar 110018 "Kingdom Far, Far Away" (a fairy-tale version of Beverly Hills).

After much discussion,repparttar 110019 ogre couple finally decide to leave forrepparttar 110020 celebration atrepparttar 110021 "Kingdom Far, Far Away." Donkey also accompanies them with his whining and one-liner spouting all intact.

All alongrepparttar 110022 journey torepparttar 110023 "Kingdom Far, Far Away", you cannot resist but guffaw atrepparttar 110024 nasty doings ofrepparttar 110025 Donkey. Oncerepparttar 110026 ogre couple reachrepparttar 110027 kingdom for a homecoming celebration, Princess Fiona's parents are taken aback when they learn that their princess has married an ogre and become one, too (as always itsrepparttar 110028 parents who arerepparttar 110029 last ones to find out).

That's whenrepparttar 110030 king summons a Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) to eliminate Shrek and have his daughter Fiona married to Fairy Godmother's foppish son Prince Charming (Rupert Everett). The king also calls upon a famous yet cute little ogre hunter Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) for this task, butrepparttar 110031 feline eventually joins forces with Shrek and Donkey.

Tips for a Great Recording Session

Written by Richard Dolmat

You know your songs are great (and so does your girl/boyfriend, family, pets etc), and you finally decided to record an album in a real studio. That’s great! But what actually happens when you get there?

When you finally do pickrepparttar perfect studio, one that you feel comfortable at, there is a certain routine that must be followed in order to getrepparttar 110017 best performance andrepparttar 110018 best recording for your budget.

1.Tune Your Instruments. This also includes your drums and any tunable percussion instruments you may have. There is absolutely nothing worse inrepparttar 110019 world than to have a perfectly written song with a perfect performance be ruined because someone didn’t take an extra 2 minutes to check their tuning. Tuning takes a few minutes; a recording lasts forever.

2.Be Well Rehearsed. You’ll be surprised how many bands suffer shock when they getrepparttar 110020 final recording bill. The main reason for this is because they confuse rehearsal time with recording time. Rehearse at home, inrepparttar 110021 garage, at your uncle’s house; anywhere but atrepparttar 110022 recording session. When you arrive atrepparttar 110023 studio, you should know your songs inside-out and be ready forrepparttar 110024 red light.

3.Practice with a Click Track. A lot of drummers aren’t able to play with a click track. Make sure yours can. A click track is essential in getting a good basic rhythm track thatrepparttar 110025 rest ofrepparttar 110026 band can lock in to, and to sync-up loops and delay times.

4.Be Early. Many studios start charging their clients fromrepparttar 110027 exact time agreed to inrepparttar 110028 contract. Just because you decide to show up late, doesn’t mean thatrepparttar 110029 studio should give up that time for free. Be early and be ready to go.

5.Getrepparttar 110030 Sound Right. Never, ever try to “fix it inrepparttar 110031 mix”. It doesn’t work like that. Take an extra few minutes to tweakrepparttar 110032 sound before recording it. Turn that knob, tighten that string, have another sip of water. Remember again, tweaking may take an extra minute, butrepparttar 110033 recording will last forever.

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