Movie Review: The Downfall - The Final Hours of Hitler

Written by Nathaniel Quest

Have you watchedrepparttar latest Hitler movie, "The Downfall?" It's a german film (german title is "Der Untergang") aboutrepparttar 137212 final hours of Adolf Hitler inrepparttar 137213 bunker as recounted byrepparttar 137214 Fuhrer's secretary. I'd say this film is a masterpiece. The best Hitler movie I've seen.

Some critics, however, say thatrepparttar 137215 film humanizes Hitler too much. Inrepparttar 137216 film, he is harsh to his generals, but very benevolent towards other people like his secretary, his friends, etc. It is a psychological attempt at presentingrepparttar 137217 human side of Hitler. History generally paints his image as a monster.

Well, personally, I still think that Hitler was a monster. He may be very kind to his secretary, or his cook, but murdering millions of people makes him more than a monster. In fact, after watchingrepparttar 137218 film, all I could say is that Hitler was crazy. Andrepparttar 137219 people around him (or should I say, sucking up to him) were all crazy.

Alternatives to MP3

Written by Ross MacIver

Although MP3 isrepparttar most popular format for encoding music, it is by no meansrepparttar 137031 only one. There are two basic methods for compressing audio lossless and lossy, and for each of these methods there are many formats.

Lossless compression means that none ofrepparttar 137032 audio data is removed during compression. Lossy compression means that audio data is permanently removed fromrepparttar 137033 audio file. Lossy compression results in smaller files, but there is no way to rebuildrepparttar 137034 audio data to its original format. MP3 is an example of lossy compression.

Lossy Compression Formats

There are many alternatives to MP3 when it comes to encoding audio files. Microsoft reportedly developedrepparttar 137035 WMA format to avoidrepparttar 137036 licensing costs associated with MP3. WMA files can be played withrepparttar 137037 Windows Media Player that is included withrepparttar 137038 Windows operating system as well as many other audio players. It features similar encoding rates to MP3 and similar file sizes.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) isrepparttar 137039 format preferred by Apple and is used for its popular iTunes and iPod products. AAC files can be smaller than MP3 files because it uses more efficient encoding technology. A 96 kpbs AAC file is similar in sound quality to a 128 kbps MP3 file.

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