Movie Rental Release: 'Gothika' Movie Review

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd / Lady Camelot

Movie Rental Release: 'Gothika' Movie Review by C Bailey-Lloyd

"Gothika," starring Halle Berry, Robert Downey, Jr., Charles S. Dutton, John Carroll Lynch, Bernard Hill, Penelope Cruz and Dorian Harewood; is a spellbinding film!

Some critics have entirely missedrepparttar context of this storyline, and have given this movie a bad review, I beg to differ. "Gothika,"repparttar 124148 newest production from Dark Castle Entertainment isrepparttar 124149 culmination of clairvoyance and poltergeist entertwined into one spectacular ride of an individual's innermost emotions and physical reactions.

Halle Berry stars as Miranda Grey, a criminal psychologist working in Woodward Penitentiary for Women. Counseling "Chloe," (played by Penelope Cruz), Dr. Grey, in her medical expertise, does not fully grasp Chloe's rantings and ravings. As she leaves work on a stormy night, she runs off an embankment, avoiding a nude girl standing inrepparttar 124150 rainsoaked highway.

Coming to her senses, she awakens to find herself as an inmate in Woodward, herself. Dr. Pete Graham (Robert Downey, Jr.) another staff psychiatrist and coworker of Grey, attempts to decipher Miranda's mindset and how she violently 'murdered' her own husband, Douglas (Charles S. Dutton) inrepparttar 124151 preceding three days. Having no recollection ofrepparttar 124152 ensuing events after her car accident, Miranda is traumatized and nearly catatonic.

Tucson’s NextWest, Inc. Announces Partnership with DialResults, Inc

Written by Richard Robert Logan

By Richard Logan June 1 2004

Mesa, Arizona — DialResults Inc., a leader inrepparttar predictive dialer arena, announced today an partnership NextWest, Inc.,repparttar 124147 fastest growing distributor of Integrated Telephony Systems. The partnership represents a $9 million deal overrepparttar 124148 next two years.

DialResults, Inc. will partner with NextWest to market PCXi, a fully-integrated, VoIP/Internet Protocol-enabled, communications system, and NextContact, a next-generation call center solution.

“We are proud to partner with DialResults to distribute our telephony solutions,” said Matthew W. Morales chief information officer of NextWest, Inc. “DialResults is a company that shares our vision, integrity and energy to get superior products to market.” DialResults PCXi, an IP-enabled PBX, is a fully-integrated, converged communications solution. The system combines analog, digital, wireless and Internet Protocol (IP) capabilities in a single platform, giving customers a choice of deploying traditional, IP telephony or a combination of both on a local or global scale.

NextContact encompassesrepparttar 124149 broad functionality required by next-generation contact centers, includingrepparttar 124150 ability to handle customer contacts in any media (voice calls, voice mail, e-mail, web integration, collaboration, and fax) and atrepparttar 124151 same time, facilitating fully integrated routing, monitoring, recording, reporting and administration for all customer interaction activities.

“NextContact fulfills our vision of providing reliable, comprehensive cutting-edge technology to our customers,” said Dennis Robbins president of DialResults. “We can now deliver key contact center components like Predictive Dialing and VoIP within an easily-scalable, truly-integrated solution.”

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