Move up to the world of the Digital SLR Camera

Written by Kevin Rockwell

A digital SLR camera or a single lens reflex (SLR) camera is one ofrepparttar most popular cameras amongst photographers today. These cameras not only provide high quality images butrepparttar 105690 photographer can also largely control how he wantsrepparttar 105691 final product to look like. Hence, people who are extremely fond of clicking pictures have a great time while using a SLR camera. If you have a creative spark in you then you will want to consider one of these at some point. I am using a Canon Rebel right now butrepparttar 105692 Nikon F6 is next on my horizon of my purchases. These are moving intorepparttar 105693 8 mp and up range now sorepparttar 105694 quality is quite good. The SLR is not cheap at all. The price historically started at about $5,000 – which is very steep. So, only those who are either professionals or wannabes purchased an SLR for themselves. Nowadays however, in order to makerepparttar 105695 SLR available to a larger number of photographers, companies such as Canon and Nikon have come up with SLRs falling inrepparttar 105696 price range of around $1000 without extra lenses. What is it that attracts people to an SLR ? One ofrepparttar 105697 main reasons is that an SLR produces pictures which are of much higher quality than point-and-shoot cameras. The contrast and color are extremely good sincerepparttar 105698 lenses used in an SLR are of very good quality. It is an old maxim inrepparttar 105699 photography world that much ofrepparttar 105700 quality in your images comes fromrepparttar 105701 glass you put in front ofrepparttar 105702 camera. The betterrepparttar 105703 glassrepparttar 105704 betterrepparttar 105705 photo, it worked inrepparttar 105706 film days and it still works inrepparttar 105707 digital age. The camera is important but don’t skimp onrepparttar 105708 lens.

Getting the Most From Your Digital Camera Memory Card

Written by Kevin Rockwell

Imagine taking your new digital camera on a vacation and then realizing that you can barely click 20-30 images at a go. So, what do you do to avoid such a situation? The answer to this question lies inrepparttar purchase of an extra memory card or two.

One ofrepparttar 105689 important components of a digital camera isrepparttar 105690 memory card. Most digital cameras come with quite a low amount of memory and it is always better to includerepparttar 105691 cost of a memory card while purchasing a camera. There are several types of memory cards so you must check outrepparttar 105692 memory options available inrepparttar 105693 camera that you are planning to buy.

Also, remember that ifrepparttar 105694 resolution of your camera is high, then you will also need a high capacity memory card. There is no predetermined number of images that you can store on a particular memory card. It depends onrepparttar 105695 kind of images,repparttar 105696 file type ofrepparttar 105697 images andrepparttar 105698 compression rate per photograph. Normally, a 128 or 256 megabyte card is adequate forrepparttar 105699 average photographer using a 3-5 mega pixel camera.

There are several types of memory cards available. Here is a list ofrepparttar 105700 kinds of memory cards available inrepparttar 105701 market today:

·Compact Flash Memory Card: Compact Flash is a relatively cheap memory card. It is available in most shops and is compatible with a large number of digital cameras. It is very popular and is commonly used by camera lovers. These cards come with an in-built controller which results in high transfer speeds. However, in order to use this facility, you normally need to be using a digital SLR.

·Secure Digital & Multimedia Cards: Commonly known asrepparttar 105702 SD card, these cards are one ofrepparttar 105703 smallest memory cards which are available today. These cards can be used in different types of equipment, i.e. digital cameras, phones, MP3 players and video cameras as well. However,repparttar 105704 maximum memory capacity is only 512 MB. The difference betweenrepparttar 105705 SD card andrepparttar 105706 multimedia card is that, asrepparttar 105707 name suggests,repparttar 105708 SD card comes with an additional write-protect switch for data security.

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