Mouth Wide Open!

Written by Jim Henderson

Withrepparttar advent of modern technology, anyone with a computer can write or speak whatever is on their mind. This word is used lightly inrepparttar 118310 case of this writer. We call this, “freedom of speech”. It’s also constitutionally protected. In case you are unfamiliar withrepparttar 118311 constitution,repparttar 118312 founding fathers institutedrepparttar 118313 right of free speech to protect those who are prone to utter really crude and sensless remarks.

At one time, speech had a very specific purpose, that beingrepparttar 118314 primary means of communication between two or more indivuiduals. As such, it was criticial to our survival. Now it’s just something to occupy us untilrepparttar 118315 next show comes onrepparttar 118316 television. Fortunately forrepparttar 118317 human race, we were able to construct language in order to freely converse among ourselves. The only other possible mode of communication would have been to simply read each other’s minds, which would have resulted inrepparttar 118318 immediate anhilation of humankind. Imagine how long your marriage would have lasted if you both knew whatrepparttar 118319 other was thinking! “Til’ death do us part “ may have been much quicker than we expected under those circumstances. Immediately after they invented speech, someone had to invent tact. Tact is when you actually think before you open your mouth and say something really thoughtless!

Put Down That pencil

Written by Jim Henderson

You’re surrounded, commandedrepparttar booming metallic voice from outside. Give yourself up!

The occupant insiderepparttar 118309 barricaded room defiantly replies, I’m not giving up!

Moments later a squad a black uniformed men in combat boots burst intorepparttar 118310 room amid a shower of splinters. The remnants ofrepparttar 118311 door lay in pieces under their feet. Every man’s rifle is pointed atrepparttar 118312 “suspect”.

Stand back, he menaces threateningly! I’ve got a weapon. I’ve used it before and if I have to, I’ll use it again. Brandishing a pencil, he waves it about wildly. Another pencil is tucked behind his ear. The swat team freezes. It’s their worst scenario,repparttar 118313 one they dreadrepparttar 118314 most, a deranged “writer”.

Put down that pencil before someone gets hurt,repparttar 118315 squad leader calmly intones. We’ve got to take you in.

On what grounds,repparttar 118316 belligerent man stammers? “Impersonating an author” isrepparttar 118317 reply.

For a momentrepparttar 118318 suspect hesitates, trigger fingers flex nervously. Silence, and thenrepparttar 118319 squad leader speaks. It doesn’t have to be like this, he attempts to reason withrepparttar 118320 potential assailant. Allrepparttar 118321 while, every member ofrepparttar 118322 swat team is thinking to himself, What if that pencil goes off? Adjectives and verbs and other projectiles could fillrepparttar 118323 room with their deadly spray. And everyone knows that names really can hurt you!

The suspect appears confused and angry. You don’t understand, no one does. Not my wife,repparttar 118324 kids, or my boss at work. Even my own mother thinks I’m crazy to want to be a writer! His voice trails off, You don’t think I’m crazy, do you? Of course not, said,repparttar 118325 officer. Both men know he’s lying.

For a brief moment, there is silence inrepparttar 118326 standoff. The situation appears to be stabilized, yet precariously perched onrepparttar 118327 precipice of chaos. The sergeant glances aroundrepparttar 118328 room. He is appalled byrepparttar 118329 sight,repparttar 118330 obvious signs of an addict are all around! Pads of paper, writing journals, ...andrepparttar 118331 pencils! Those deadly implements of senseless verbiage and prose. A trash can off to side is surrounded, overflowing with crumpled wads of attempted literary efforts. It’s much worse than I thought. If only someone seenrepparttar 118332 signs, had turned him in, he could have gotten help. But now it’s come to this. Another literary “wannabe” with delusions of grandeur.

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