Mountain biking in Bali's Mount Batur

Written by Monique Cordeiro

There is no better way than to enjoyrepparttar sights and sounds of Bali than on a mountain bike. You not only get to cover areas where motor vehicles will not go, but get a good workout as well.

Instead of viewing Mt Batur from whererepparttar 149912 masses gather at Penelokan, a day trip bike ride would be ideal forrepparttar 149913 more sporty and adventurous traveler. You get a good close up ofrepparttar 149914 Crater Lake within Mt Batur which makesrepparttar 149915 ride there highly rewarding. So leave your 4 wheel drive behind, mount your 2 wheeler and head down to Mt Batur. Ask for directions torepparttar 149916 old road downrepparttar 149917 volcano fromrepparttar 149918 friendly locals. The old road can be a little tricky getting down, but well worthrepparttar 149919 challenge. Once there, take your time to meander throughrepparttar 149920 lava fields aroundrepparttar 149921 volcano. It's a little warm and barren atrepparttar 149922 start ofrepparttar 149923 trip down, but as you get closer torepparttar 149924 water, shady tree lined roads and ancient villages will cool you down.

Jet Lag - 7 Steps To A Successful Trip

Written by Donald Saunders

Don’t let jet lag spoil that much needed holiday trip to paradise or stop you from closing that career enhancing deal you’ve been working on for months.

Arriving full of excitement and anticipation is great, but finding that you can’t sleep at night, you’re tired duringrepparttar day and you’ve got an upset stomach and a headache can do a lot more than just takerepparttar 149911 edge off your trip.

If you’re seeking ways of preventing jet lag, or looking forrepparttar 149912 perfect jet lag remedy, then here are seven tips to start you on your search.

Tip 1. Clearrepparttar 149913 decks before your departure.

A much overlooked aspect of jet lag isrepparttar 149914 part played by stress. Running around trying to do a 1001 last minute jobs inrepparttar 149915 week before you fly. Worrying about whetherrepparttar 149916 house will be safe. Sitting up until midnightrepparttar 149917 night before your flight payingrepparttar 149918 household bills. Sound familiar?

Plan well in advance and make sure that you’ve taken care of everything at least three or four days before you go. Then take it easy, get lots of rest and set aside time specifically for relaxation.

Tip 2. Start adjusting your bedtime before you go.

Inrepparttar 149919 two weeks before your trip start to gradually adjust your bedtime. If you’re flying east, bring your bedtime forward by ten or fifteen minutes each night so that, byrepparttar 149920 time you leave, you’re going to bed about two hours earlier than normal. This will ‘narrowrepparttar 149921 gap’ betweenrepparttar 149922 time at which your body wants to go to bed andrepparttar 149923 time thatrepparttar 149924 clock says you should go to bed at your destination.

Similarly, if you’re traveling west, put your bedtime back by ten or fifteen minutes each day.

Tip 3. Reduce you caffeine intake.

Coffee, as well as other caffeinated drinks, both speeds up and slows down your internal body clock, depending uponrepparttar 149925 time of day that you consume it. When you’re settled into a regular pattern of sleep this doesn’t necessarily present too much of a problem, asrepparttar 149926 effects can tend to ‘balance out’. However, when your body clock finds itself at odds with local timerepparttar 149927 effects of caffeine can be quite marked and add considerably torepparttar 149928 problems of jet lag.

Tip 4. Avoid Pills.

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