Motorcycle Parts - OEM or Aftermarket ???

Written by Daniel Levy

This is always a difficult one to answer when shopping for motorcycle parts and I firmly believe that each one of us must decide what's best for our bikes AFTER carefully evaluating each ofrepparttar possibilities.

For me?

Well... it really depends on what I am looking for - just replacement or improvement - ,repparttar 102731 availability ofrepparttar 102732 part, my budget and other things. Sometimes I buy OEM, others aftermarket motorcycle parts.

Keep reading. You will find some views that will hopefully help you deciderepparttar 102733 next time you shop for motorcycle parts.

What a heck are OEM parts??

OEM parts stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts which not necessarily meanrepparttar 102734 OM (Original Manufacturer) actually produced them. You know, many motorcycle and automobile manufacturers don't manufacture each ofrepparttar 102735 parts used in their vehicles. They frequently haverepparttar 102736 parts designed and manufactured by outside independent companies and then, install them in their machines or put them in their own boxes to be sold as OEM parts!

Good to know when buying OEM Motorcycle Parts:

When you buy OEM Motorcycle Parts you are buyingrepparttar 102737 exact same original partrepparttar 102738 manufacturer used to build your motorcycle, that means:

>> Same performance asrepparttar 102739 part installed in your motorcycle right now. The part won't be better nor worse thanrepparttar 102740 original part you want to replace.

>> Normally OEM parts a more (in some cases MUCH more) expensive than aftermarket parts.

>> Motorcycle and car agencies clerks will normally tell you OEM Parts are higher quality andrepparttar 102741 best option for replacements. Is this true? Well sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.

>> Normally after a certain period of time,repparttar 102742 manufacturer will allowrepparttar 102743 company that originally designed/producedrepparttar 102744 part to sell it in their own box at a considerably lower cost, making it: an Aftermarket OEM part! :-)

Motorcycle Values $ - Buying or selling? You will need the motorcycle values...

Written by Daniel Levy

And Japanese Motorcycles Only is here to help!

There are basically two ways to obtain motorcycle values:

1.- Inrepparttar books

2.- Inrepparttar 102730 market


Inrepparttar 102731 United Statesrepparttar 102732 two main pricing guides are:repparttar 102733 Kelley Blue Book andrepparttar 102734 N.A.D.A. guides.

Personally I like very muchrepparttar 102735 N.A.D.A. guides. They give faithful information about almost every motor vehicle produced since 1933, and several configuration options to help you get an accurate value of your motorcycle orrepparttar 102736 one you want to buy.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.) is nowadaysrepparttar 102737 largest publisher of Appraisal Guides inrepparttar 102738 world. Their guides provide information for most ofrepparttar 102739 motor vehicles ever made: cars, motorcycles, boats, recreation vehicles and more. Since 1933, N.A.D.A. has been helping buyers to make informative, responsible and safe decisions when buying motor vehicles.

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