Motorcycle Accidents: Preparing Your Case

Written by Blur LoteriŮa

Motorcycle accident is an unexpected occurrence that results to shock and trauma, serious physical injuries and death. The most common reason of a motorcycle accident, which contributed torepparttar 50% ofrepparttar 119184 motorcycle vehicle, is due torepparttar 119185 failure of another motorist to seerepparttar 119186 motorcycle. It is estimated that 75% of motorcycle accidents involve another motor vehicle, two-thirds of which were caused byrepparttar 119187 motorist failing to yieldrepparttar 119188 right of way. Motorcycle accidents not only involve driverís negligence, it also includes product defect and unsafe roadways.

Motorcycle accident happens so fast that we are not able to control it. During an accident, we cannot do much, especially when we are injured. We cannot think of anything butrepparttar 119189 pain that we are suffering. It is essential for us to knowrepparttar 119190 things that we have to do afterrepparttar 119191 accident.

In situations wherein you are still able to talk, walk and move without difficulty, you might as well dorepparttar 119192 following steps. Getrepparttar 119193 name, address, phone number, driverís license number, and other significant information aboutrepparttar 119194 other driver involved inrepparttar 119195 accident. Also, getrepparttar 119196 names, address and phone numbers ofrepparttar 119197 witnesses, if there is any. Ask if they can give some statement and recordrepparttar 119198 conversation. Take note of important visual information, like scratches and marks onrepparttar 119199 car andrepparttar 119200 weather condition. If you do not have pen or any writing materials, reviewrepparttar 119201 scene in your mind so that you can remember it. You have to tellrepparttar 119202 police exactly what happened. Assistrepparttar 119203 police withrepparttar 119204 investigation, be cooperative. Take pictures ofrepparttar 119205 cars involved inrepparttar 119206 accident in different angles.

Filing a Law Suit for Personal Injury Victims

Written by Carla Ballatan

Did you suffer physical injuries and incurred hospital bills and other costs, that arerepparttar result ofrepparttar 119183 negligence or fault of another person? Underrepparttar 119184 personal injury or tort law, you can file a lawsuit and chargerepparttar 119185 person for compensation. Indeed! So, what do you need to understand in filing for personal injury law suit?

Personal injury law isrepparttar 119186 branch of civil law referred to for a personal injury lawsuit. In personal injury law,repparttar 119187 plaintiff isrepparttar 119188 victim of an alleged wrong or inrepparttar 119189 case of wrongful death,repparttar 119190 loved one ofrepparttar 119191 victim. The defendant isrepparttar 119192 one believed to be legally responsible forrepparttar 119193 injuries sustained. Generally, personal injury lawsuits are intended to provide compensation torepparttar 119194 injured party and discouragerepparttar 119195 continuation or repetition ofrepparttar 119196 behavior that causedrepparttar 119197 injury. Specific guidelines apply to personal injury lawsuits that may vary depending uponrepparttar 119198 state whererepparttar 119199 suit is brought and other circumstances.

To establish a successful personal injury lawsuit, liability and damages are needed elements. In proving liability,repparttar 119200 plaintiff must establish thatrepparttar 119201 person did bear legal responsibility for injuries. The extent otrepparttar 119202 amount of injury or loss, referred to as damages incurred on account ofrepparttar 119203 defendantís action or negligence.

Three bases are referred to in determiningrepparttar 119204 elements of liability and damages: intentional wrong, negligence and strict liability. Intentional wrong is whenrepparttar 119205 defendant have known and/or plannedrepparttar 119206 injury to be inflicted. This is least often used and onrepparttar 119207 situation this arises, can be brought in conjunction with criminal charges. Negligence means thatrepparttar 119208 defendant is accused of causingrepparttar 119209 injury through a failure to prevent it. Slip and fall injuries, reckless/inattentive drivers who cause car accidents are circumstances that may be involved in a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence. Legal responsibility, like for examplerepparttar 119210 making or release of defective or unsafe products are involved in lawsuits based on strict liability. As long asrepparttar 119211 product was being used as intended,repparttar 119212 strict liability applies regardless or malice or negligence.

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