Motivators... Catch Folks Doing It Right

Written by Josh Hinds

Do you know one ofrepparttar best ways to motivate other people and get them involved? Here's a clue... It's not always as simple as quoting a passage from a motivational book or threatening to fire someone, or screaming atrepparttar 123926 top of your lungs about how incompetent they are :-)

I'm not downplaying motivational material. Believe me, I read it all day long. I'm 100% sold on it. However, it tends to be one of those things that positively impactsrepparttar 123927 person reading it atrepparttar 123928 time. Not necessarilyrepparttar 123929 person you want to motivate or inspire. Particularly if they're notrepparttar 123930 type person who reads or listens to it themselves.

The downside of threatening to fire someone can have several implications. Sure you might getrepparttar 123931 immediate spur in productivity you were looking for, but inrepparttar 123932 long run you could end up losing much more then you gain. For example, it can create a sense of disloyalty and distrust in people.

Then there'srepparttar 123933 question of what happens ifrepparttar 123934 person you're threatening to fire beats you to it and quits onrepparttar 123935 spot? You say it wouldn't bother you, but is that reallyrepparttar 123936 case? Essentially you've created a whole other problem. Now you've got rehire someone, spend time and money training them, etc. I think you see where I am going with this right?

So what'srepparttar 123937 solution you ask? Obviously you don't want folks running around unproductive and you want those around you to operate at peak performance.

The Heat of Desire

Written by Susan James

"Although I took to New York straight away I was really lonely. I would take whatever I could in a taxi-cab to wher- ever I was going to next. I'd take a big breath, grit my teeth, blink back my tears and say, 'I'm gonna do it- I have to do it because there's nowhere else for me to go." (Madonna)

The above quote whether you care for Madonna or not is about *desire*. I personally know about *not knowing what's next, about taking a big breath, gritting my teeth, blinking back my tears and saying: *I'm gonna do it- I have to do it because there's nowhere else for me to go*.

I personally know about that level of desire, where you have to have something, so much that you taste it in every part of you.

If you or I wantrepparttar experience of Millionaire, or simply a lifestyle that reflects ease, success and harmony in all areas of our lives, including finance, and livelihood; then our desire level has to be that high and that deep in order to attract it.

The *it* we are wanting to attract is inrepparttar 123925 experience, event or circumstance that carries to us our overall intention for lifestyle/livelihood change. This is aboutrepparttar 123926 energy that we are emitting that is then answered by conscience/universe/god/ spirit.

If we are allowing our checking account balance, which is that limiting line that we may think of constantly, to keep us from following our inspirations, our loves or gifts, then it too limits us in what we emit and how we are answered.

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