Written by David A. Wells

Withoutrepparttar drive to succeed you will surely fail.

Did you know you can createrepparttar 137073 motivation you need?

I know that sounds odd, but itís true. You can consciously define, direct and intensify your motivation to achieve any goal.

Motivation is key to success. After all, motivation drives action. And action isrepparttar 137074 only thing that will move your business forward. All your plans, hopes, dreams and intentions are useless without action.

The process of creating motivation is actually very simple. There are two parts. First you must write out your goal as clearly and simply as you can. Specify when youíll have it and what youíre going to do for it.

The Joy of Challenge

Written by Rich Fettke

Think ofrepparttar last time you took on a good, healthy challenge in your life. Maybe it was a physical challenge - like a long hike or run - where you really had to dig deep in order to stick with it. Maybe it was an emotional challenge - like asking someone out for a date or asking a business prospect forrepparttar 136997 big sale. Maybe it was a challenge where you left a job, moved acrossrepparttar 136998 country, or enrolled in school.

How did you feel when you were going for it? How do you feel now when you think back on that challenge?

My clients have shown me, time and time again, that when we have a compelling goal that challenges us to give our best it brings an incredible feeling of exhilaration and passion to our lives.

Life's greatest rewards are often found when we reach just a little higher. When we are growing, that's when we are really living. As I write this I am looking at where my life has become habitual rather than experiential. I am asking myselfrepparttar 136999 question "Where have I slipped into a comfort zone and what is my next exciting challenge?"

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